Don’t Ask Again

With the recent proposed change in policy being considered by the Boy Scouts of America, I momentarily thought about all the horrors that were predicted to befall the US Military with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Yesterday while sparring with a commentator, I offered to make a donation to a non-profit of my choice if they could provide an example of how the repeal of DADT had harmed the military.

It was a pretty safe offer, because even if I lost, about this time of year I make a pledge to one of my favorite performing arts organizations.

Later that evening, and off an on today, I tried to research the effect this had now over a year afterward.

The first place I checked was Fox News. Certainly they would have something.


Then I went to Rush Limbaugh’s site and did an archive search.

Still Nothing.

Then I did a basic google search of ‘gays harm military’ and found the following:




































One thought on “Don’t Ask Again”

  1. Amazing Mac.. I would have figured that at least Michelle (Idiot) Bachmann would have least come up with one sound byte on how the military was failing. You know because her /snort ‘Straight’ husband’s future is dependent on that happening.

    Simply amazing.. Gee and only 20 years after I served with all of those wonderful people in Desert Shield and Desert Storm and the military hasn’t imploded on itself.. Much less in the last year. Could it possibly be that all the fear mongers and bigots were wrong?? Na that can’t be it.. Because they are never wrong are they?

    Keep up the good fight Mac.. one day.. maybe one day we can finally say that the words in our Constitution are finally true. ‘That all men are created (and treated) equal’

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