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The past three months I’ve really struggled to come up with content, even though I still come up with great titles. Part of the problem was/is that our nation really needs to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. And to do that in the least restrictive way possible.

We need to get that figured out before that nation returns any attention to civil rights issues.

The other reason I’ve struggled is because so many of the topics I used to write about have been resolved:

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was a HUGE victory for GLBT everywhere, and especially those in our military. Try as I might, the only possible damage I  an find has been the resignation of two service people over the issue. I suspect there have been two resignations over the military’s refusal to do something or other as well.

This fall when voters were asked if they wanted to instill discrimination or move toward equal treatment of all individuals and couples, in EVERY SINGLE instance in EVERY SINGLE STATE voters chose equality. I get goosebumps just writing that.

The hate group “National Organization for Marriage” has seen its donations fall by 30%, and fully 75-80% of its operating budget comes from TWO donors. They are very close to becoming a buzzing housefly in the national discussion on equal protection of existing laws.

I just never understood the correlation between denying someone the right to marry and its positive effect on existing marriages.

We rejected a Presidential candidate who failed to win EVEN ONE swing state electoral vote, mainly because of his two-faced stance on human rights and fiscal responsibility issues.

And better yet, we re-elected a President whose position on same gender marriage moved from ‘evolving’ all the way to supporting in his inaugural address. That’s huge.

With all of these major things going on in our society, it just hasn’t seemed right for me to write about keeping my gray roots touched up, or my plight to find a pair of jeans that gives me the butt I had when I was 22.

This is a big year for me, as I’m celebrating one of those birthdays ending in a zero.

As you all know, Ricky’s work takes him all over. He’s currently working in Hawaii for 5 weeks, so be bought me an airline ticket to join him as a birthday gift.

We’re calling it “The Hawaii Five-0 Tour”

I’m sure it’s because of our traffic stopping resemblance to Steve McGarret and Dano.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Stay tuned . . .

6 thoughts on “Contents may have settled”

  1. When I complained about paying five more in ND income taxes than federal income taxes last year, some posters suggested I move elsewhere.

  2. The first column I read on the Gay Agenda was 2-27-11 ~ Ricky Speaks 5 Languages. You made me laugh and I was hooked. I love your funny observations of life most of all. I so hope you’ll continue writing into your new decade. Happy Birthday Mac!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mac!

    I am a blogger as well. I write about music and bands in the middle of Wisconsin. I know what you are talking about. Where the well runs dry. You run out of superlatives to describe the same bands, playing at the same venues you have written about five times before. Plus, I went through a real dearth back when Scott Walker became governor and had to mess up a lot of good things happening in our state. I took almost a year off where any of my greatly reduced creativity was spent commenting at news sites. Battling the kinds of morons I often see commenting here as well. I was genuinely surprised when I would run into people that asked if I would start writing again. But, I still find I have things to say, and I have started again. As do you, have things yet to say, I think. Even though many of your base issues have been “solved”. Those bands have already played, if you will. But don’t ever think your struggle is over. Find a brother and ask him. Rosa Parks was a lot longer ago than the threat to the MN constitution and marriage equality. What you say, and what you think is important. And it will add to the collective documentation of what has been an important time in our country.

    Have a good time in Hawaii.

    1. Rainbird, what a heartfelt comment. I haven’t been quite that moved in a long time. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I do need to see this as well as all things as a journey rather than a moment in time. I’m thinking I will get my voice back. Read my next post and you’ll get a glimpse of what’s on my mind.

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