Keeping it real

The past few months I’ve been trying to understand why the creativity has been at such a low point.

Those of you who know me in real life know in the past year and a half I’ve joined a consulting firm; taken a modest position writing for a regional publication; and Ricky & I purchased a vacation/retirement home—–which certainly fills a creative outlet. As well as alot of free time.

Along with that, I am ridden with guilt because I am not worthy to mourn the loss of 26 lives last December.

But I do.

And part of the guilt (if that’s the correct word) is that I’ve spent alot of time the past few years bitching about the injustice inflicted on gays when maybe I should have done a little more bitching about how we as a society think it’s worth risking the lives of our children and movie patrons and liberals that attend political rallies; rather than aggressively and proactively treating mental illness.

So, a month ago a dear friend from my past life asked if I’d come and speak to her students about my path from the desk they’re sitting in, to “Living the Dream” that Ricky and I do.

And I’ve spent 4 weeks obsessing what those 45 minutes might sound like. Thursday I will find out.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Preparing to cross a major bridge tomorrow—Introducing a group of students to the real Brad and Ricky.


11 thoughts on “Keeping it real”

  1. My heart and my appreciation goes with you tomorrow. And regarding your feelings of guilt, don’t beat yourself up with that. Please. Your voice and the voices of all who speak on behalf of the LGBT community have done much to ease the pain (which can feel like an everyday living death) and give hope to many in that marginalized community. Things are changing for the better–well done in your assigned arena, Mac.

  2. Your voice is already authentic, as is your story. Being authentic isn’t about having made all the perfect choices or having walked the perfect path, it is about owning your choices and path. In your sharing of your choices and path you evidence the power in being authentic. Share your story – there are folks who will change their choices and adjust their path because of it. And let’s face it, that is why we share our stories here. Go out there and present with confidence that your story when shared will make a difference. 😉

  3. Hi Bill. It’s a GSA (gay straight alliance) group. I’m going to talk about wise choices, personal responsibility and integrity. And that just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can’t live the dream. I just assumed since this class has gone on for a year or two any drama would have been resolved.

    Thanks, now I’m nervous. 🙂

    1. In other wordsd Bill, the queer group will get aroused preaching and describing to minor age children how special their little group of degenerates are in real life. The bigger the scene they can make the jmore they like it. They thrive on attention any way they can get it and to them age is irrelevant other than the fact it gets more adults upset and again they love any attention they can get for their group.

  4. Sorry late to the game Mac… I don’t know you IRL but I have a feeling you are going to be simply outstanding. Just be yourself.

    Best Wishes

  5. Wow, you nailed it again squirrel. Mental Illness and queers, I’ll bet you could write a book on both topics. You could call it “An Eternal Golden Braid” (not to be confused with the original version dedicated to Godel, Escher, Bach).

    For once in your life chase the root cause instead of crying for someone else to provide a blankie, pillow and Band-Aid to your issues. Our country does little for this group of individuals needing psychological help and counseling and the effects are widespread as seen in many tragic events. Instead the people of the US tend to buy these people Lawyers and make special interest laws to protect their right to not have do obey our laws even when things are inherently wrong. The second Amendment is intended to guarantee the citizens of this country the right to defend themselves when the system and special interest groups go too far. Best thing you can do is join the NRA, do more volunteer work for your community, and a personal favorite of mine, you could permanently move to your place in FL.

    1. I read that there’s much gratitude toward Timothy McFey for determining the system was going too far and taking steps to correct. Likewise that guy who shot Gabby Gifford and the others.

      Who, exactly gets to make that decision Opie?

    2. Hey Opie, sorry but I dumped that last book you posted. Discuss the topic at hand or get you own blog. It’s free and easy.

        1. Um, no.

          Discuss the post at hand. I made it half way through your diatribe and then my head hit my keyboard as I passed out from boredom.

          Write a blog Opie. I’d love to comment on your bullshit.

  6. Sharing your experience, strength and hope with those students was a wonderful gift. God’s blessings to you Mac~always.

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