Head of the Class

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to do something I hadn’t done before: Speak to a group of high-school students about how it’s possible to live a really nice life whether you choose to live alone; with someone of the opposite gender or someone of the same gender.

It’s all about having a plan and the choices you make.

The group was a High School Gay-Straight Alliance club.

While visiting with their faculty supervisor I learned a few things: the right to form an organization such as this in a public school is protected by state law. That being said, I assume as with all extra-curricular activities this would require parental permission to participate.

The backlash when the group formed a few years ago was realatively minor. The support was overwhelming.

And from what I observed, these students weren’t ‘like’ other students. They simply were students: same cast of characters you’d find in any group of 20 kids: the jock, the artist, the introvert, the clown, the drama-queen, the brain. And like any other group of people, there were probably some mix of gay & straight people.

And what didn’t occur to me until the class was nearly over is that I didn’t really take any time to try figure out who was gay and who was their straight ally.

Kinda cool.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Since what’s said in the room stays in the room, the next few days I’m going to share some of the thoughts I presented. For what it’s worth . . . .



3 thoughts on “Head of the Class”

  1. So the school will allow a Catholic priest to come in and talk to the students about faith and why so-called gay marriage is wrong?

    1. I’m sure if there’s a Catholic Student group that meets at the school they wouldn’t have any problem. My apologies, I did zero research on which other groups may or may not meet at this particular school. I don’t think this group would have a huge interest in hearing what a priest has to say, but maybe some other students might.

  2. Glad you had a good experience Mac..

    I have been working out of town quite a bit recently and last week was no exception.. While out of town I had supper with a friend and visited with her children and was ‘Informed’ by them that I would be spending at least one night at their place because they wanted to bake cookies.. (there mother unfortunately doesn’t know which end of the mixing spoon to use.. I love her dearly, but her idea of cooking is chicken nuggets from a box and heated in the microwave)

    So I obliged, and evening came and during the baking process all of us were discussing school. The topic came around to how one of the girls was being bullied because she was infringing on a boy that another girl liked and how she put said bully in her place..

    My friends children aren’t obese, but are over weight, much as I was when I was a child.. I used to suffer horribly at the hands of the ‘supposedly superior’ students while I was in school because of my weight (its nice to know that a few of them work for me now)… But I asked about being picked on and those types of things…

    I am grateful that at least in their schools it seems to have become a thing of the past.. and that children who do suffer from weight issues as I did when I was young are no longer ostracized as outcasts..

    Here is to Hoping for a brighter day for all students able to live the same life as any other student and not have to fear being bullied about their weight or sexual orientation.

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