Tee time

When I was a kid, I tried to learn to golf. And tried. And tried. I wasn’t any good at it and I didn’t really like it.

I was and continue to be more of a skim across the surface of the water at 50 mph, either in or behind a speedboat. As much as I can appreciate the fresh air, exercise and serenity of golfing, along with more than a bit of a competitive edge; I just never got into it.

One thing I recall at the time was the ‘ladies tee’. This was a tee box for women that was a bit closer to the green or had some type of advantageous placement to give the girls a way to sort of catch up with the boys.

The only women golfers I knew were as good as the men, so the whole idea seemed kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, last Thursday I couldn’t help but think of the ladies tees and how these kids were so much further ahead than guys like Ricky and I were at that point in our lives.

When we were that age, being gay meant a life of ridicule, solitude, poverty followed by eternity in hell.

It still shocks me so many people chose to be gay.

We started out so much further behind, trying to chart a course for life along with figuring out how to ‘make the gay go away’ so we didn’t have to risk a crappy earthly life followed by eternal damnation.

In retrospect, I’m surprised I didn’t drink or get into substance abuse in those days.

The high school kids and college men and women in GSA groups are well on their way to figuring out their sexual identity and building an adult life.  And they’re doing it with the support of young men and women like them, and supportive adults like their adviser, or guys like Ricky and me who have been there, done that, and had it turn out okay.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Remember to take an opportunity to say thanks to the men and women who worked so hard the past 30 years to make groups like this not only possible, but normal and accepted.

5 thoughts on “Tee time”

    1. Then maybe you should start your own blog on your mental illness . Oh wait ! Do not think those that suffer mental illness would want to be associated with you as you are just plain nuts ! If you only read this wonderful blog to get pissed off – STOP !!! Why do you want to when you only get so angry ? Oh, maybe it is the only entertainment you have in your sad and bitter life.

  1. Great post, Mac. It is great when gay kids can look out into their futures and see people like you and Ricky living open and successful lives as gays. Surely, it must be more gay young people see that each year as time goes on.
    I volunteered for a few years reading applications by gay high school students for college scholarships. To qualify for these scholarships, you had to be an out gay. It was so great to read how kids evaluated themselves in their essays.
    Those with supportive parents, teachers and friends had grades and credentials that stood out in their confidence. Those who had to endure vindictive parents and churches were struggling to find where their lives were going.

    1. Thanks for you kind words, and for taking the lead all those years ago. It’s really rewarding to see kids having this part of their lives figured out, and those that don’t have it figured out yet will still have an easier time.

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