For rent, cheap

Ricky and I decided that we needed to make some extra income. My taste for sexy cars, Baccardi and botox was becoming a drain on our resources.

The past few years, we’ve been purchasing some vacation rental property along the very few lakes in North Dakota.

If you’ve been reading The Gay Agenda over the years, you also know I love Love LOVE to renovate and remodel properties. A keen eye will recognize some of our work in regional magazines, and I’m expecially proud of one of our appearances on that home renovation channel.

After  months of renovation and tens of thousands of dollars in furniture and decor, we’re putting our vacation properties on the rental market starting May 1.

As our way of ‘giving back’ to the community, we’re going to rent out any one of the 12 homes for a modest $200 per week.

Here’s one of my favorite houses:


And I love this quiet get away:

And my personal favorite. I like water toys even more than sexy cars:


There’s only one slight catch: We will not rent these homes to straight people. The vote on bill 2252 guaranteed Ricky and my right to only rent our home to people that meet our very specific set of criteria. And the only one of our long list of specification that you need concern yourself with is if you’re gay.

If you are, and are looking for a fabulous summer get away. Contact me. If you’re straight. go somewhere else. Your sexual orientation isn’t protected either.

So there. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Ah, a fun few moments living on Fantasy Island. Just remember, when you voted to deny protection based on sexual orientation, you pissed off a lot of homos that have may have some influence. Some of them just might be a little vengeful. 🙂



6 thoughts on “For rent, cheap”

  1. I wrote this as kind of a fantasy because we all know the idea of someone being denied anything other than a date with me because they’re straight is ludicrous.

    The good news is, the need for this bill has become almost non-existent. Don’t believe me? Look back at The Forum articles on the women who were denied a family golf membership. The media crucified the Parks District.

    Remember a year or so ago when The Forum refused to print a same-sex marriage announcement? The public was up in arms.

    Society is moving forward. When it comes down to ‘morals’ vs. money, money always wins. Discriminating against gay people is bad for business.

    Defeating this bill gave a bunch of losers a minor win in a battle that’s being won on an economic and social battle ground these days.

  2. entech 3:24 I’ve seen you out there with your $500 sun glasses and young ladies bringing you cold beer.

    In the third picture, there is an American flag. Just underneath it is a pontoon boat with a white cover. That’s where I live. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately the sunglasses are copies and the young ‘myths’, nieces helping out while trying to find a real job.

  3. “Religion is a choice and it’s protected. Whether or not being gay is a choice, it deserves the same legal protection as religion.” That has to be the best quote anyone could ever use to argue in favor of equal rights… I plan to use it, thanks Mac

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