No Excuses!

One of the points I tried to get through to the kids was to charge forward and build the life they want with no excuses.

Easy to say at this stage of the game.

When Ricky and I were young, the only gay men we could look toward were caricatures of sissy Nancy-boys.

Who wanted to be like that?

We wanted the American dream. And that didn’t happen for fags.

So we marched forward and built the best American dream we could. And it worked for quite a while. And then it didn’t work.

So much has changed in the 30 years since Ricky and I were young men trying to figure out how to build a great life. And we eventually did, but not without a huge amount of drama and collateral damage.

So, the one message I tried to get through to the kids was this: you can have exactly the life you wish to have. And being gay is no excuse to not make that happen.

Harsh, I know.

But here’s the reality: society has changed, even if our laws have not caught up. Being gay is not the codemnation it was 30 years ago. It may be in certain family and religious situations; but generally speaking, normal people really don’t care.

And that’s the one thing I really wanted these kids to hear.

If Ricky and I could build a pretty fabulous life in spite of what it was like 30 years ago; these kids could certainly set a course and do the same.

And overall, I think they will.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Find solace in the fact that I spoke to this student group nearly 3 weeks ago, and the parent feedback score is . . .

1: thanks so much

0: you’re dragging my child to hell with you.


2 thoughts on “No Excuses!”

  1. Still, until there are many more “normal people [who] really don’t care” and gay kids don’t take their own lives because they aren’t allowed to fit in, we have so much more work to do.

  2. Indeed there is so much more work to do–kudos to Mac and others who step out of their comfort zone to do that work with courage and Class! Each person who steps up to the plate makes it just that much easier for the next person to do the same. Rock on, Mac!

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