Setting the bar higher

Ricky travels alot for his work, and sometimes I just have to tag along to make sure everything is going alright and that he’s behaving himself.

So when he got a contract to do some work in Hawaii, well there was only one thing to do: join him toward the end of his assignment and spend a few days exploring the islands.

We spent a few days in Honolulu while he finished up his assignment, then went on to Maui for a few days relaxation on the beaches.

Whenever we’re on a beach vacation, we look for an opportunity to go on a gay cruise. More fondly known as a ‘fruit float’. They generally have a theme, whether it be visiting a neighboring beach; snorkeling; or in today’s case, whale watching.

We were fortunate enough today to see more humpback whales showing off than we’ve probably seen combined in all the other fruit floats we’ve been on.

While chit-chatting with some of the guys on board, someone asked one of the locals if they had a gay bar on Maui.

He replied that they used to, but it closed a while ago.

That seems to be a common theme in many of the cities we visit: there used to be a gay bar, but it eventually closed.

Which got us to wondering just what exactly was the reason?

While there’s absolutely no doubt that meeting people on line has reduced the ‘need’ for places like gay bars to meet other gay people. We’re also finding that the bars and nightclubs we visit in larger cities have a healthy balance of same gender and opposite gender couples; and that overall, no one at an urban nightclub or a resort bar looks twice at what would clearly be a same-gender couple.

It’s kind of a mixed blessing. I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am that being a same gender couple in so many situations is virtually a non-issue. Still, I will always have fond memories of some very outrageous nights at some very outrageous gay bars around the world.

As well as fond memories of that Thursday night nearly 11 years ago when I walked up to Ricky in the local gay bar and said ‘Why, hello there. I don’t believe I’ve met you before.”

Today’s Gay Agenda: Aloha Maui. Off for a few days tending to business in Boca and then back to the frozen northland. I’ve requested spring be waiting when we return.