It’s gotton to the point where I almost dread bringing up the newspaper on line for fear of what new monstrosity the North Dakota legislature is pushing through. Today’s treat was a proposal to make it more difficult for homeowners to have their homesĀ at risk of Red River flooding bought out.

And then there’s the nearly one million dollar proposal to pay the Chancelor of Higher Education to go away. This from the same group that refused to fund a half million dollar nutrition initiative for at risk or disadvantaged kids.

So it was a real pleasure to read the Fargo Parks district unanimously voted to modify their family membership policy to include same gender couples.

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As disappointed as I am at the legislature’s refusal to include GLBT people as a discrimination protected class along with Lutherans and those of Scandinavian heritage; Fargo Parks board demonstrated that society has turned a corner as is doing the right thing, even when they’re not forced to.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Nice job Parks Board.