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    2013 - 03.10

    Ricky and I have spent so many years around really good people, that I forget not everyone is quite as nice.

    We’re fortunate to work in gay-friendly industries. Our professional circle all knows us as Brad and Ricky and have for years. Many are surprised we’ve been together only 10 years. I take that as a compliment, unless they mean we’re behaving like a crabby old married couple.

    I think the last time I had some gay slur hurled my way about about 10-12 years ago. My best buddy and I were at a stoplight in my red Camaro convertible with Cindy Lauper blasting “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and some guy in the next car yelled out ‘faggots!’ and then turned the corner and sped away.

    Big tough man. Too bad about his disappointing endowment.

    A few weeks ago a friend of mind got a note through his company’s e-mail system saying some very disturbing things. Stalker, creepy, wonder-why-this-guy-is so-angry disturbing.

    Suffice it to say his company and law enforcement agencies took this very seriously, and took quick and appropriate steps. Although my buddy doesn’t necessarily feel any safer, the cops know whose door to knock on should any misfortune befall him.

    The past few months I’ve struggled with content for TGA. Partly because I’m super busy at the consulting firm. Partly because I have a paid writing job. Partly because I have this home in Bocca to unleash creative energy.

    But mostly because I was thinking the battle was won.

    I was wrong.

    While there’s no doubt we’ve made HUGE progress, there’s still much to do. Just because Ricky and I don’t have bad people in our world, doesn’t mean bad people don’t exist.

    Ricky and I don’t live in a bad world anymore, but alot of our gay brothers and sisters do. And some of the people living in that world have enough resentment to make some ill advised statements of intent toward some particularly annoying fags.

    And I think a few of them would seek out the opportunity to make good on what they said they wished to do.

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Think back to years ago when gays were so closeted that they would never turn something like this over to law enforcement. We’re half way there. Just because gays aren’t willing to put up with this bullshit any longer doesn’t mean the people who are slinging it have gone away.

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    One Response to “We don’t live there anymore”

    1. Jon Lindgren says:

      It’s great that things are better for most. We would both agree there is work to be done–I hope you can continue to blog.