They say the strangest things

Republican Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen of Glencoe rose Monday on the House floor to introduce a friend whom he said was “active in the gay lifestyle for 10 years” before leaving it to marry a woman and start a family. The aside came during a routine announcement period.

Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen

There are so many troubling things about this statement it’s hard to know where to begin. So, in no particular order . . .

  • How low does your self esteem need to be to allow yourself to be a poster-boy for ex-gay success?
  • Do you have no self respect? Who would stand before this crowd and say “I slept with men for 10 years, but decided to be straight and marry a woman and start a family”?
  • Clearly the wife has some self esteem issues. I cannot imagine any woman I’ve ever met being thrilled her husband is publicly discussing his previous sexual conquests.
  • And of course, the tried and true anti-gay marriage mantra: “What about the children?” Is there a trust fund set up to cover the future therapy bills of the kids born to this crazy union? Kids cringe at the thought of parental sex. What adolescent boy wants to hear about how his dad used to have sex with guys?
  • Along with that Shakespearean quote: “He dost protest too much, me thinks.” In my opinion, the only people gayer than those who rail on with their anti-gay rants are former gays who are abusing some woman to pretend they’re not gay. At best, this man is bi-sexual.  (I use the term abuse because I believe everyone deserves to share life with someone who adores them and the ground they walk upon. I think no one deserves to live life as a sexual prop to convince the world the other person isn’t gay.)

Why am I not going off on the good Representative? It’s a lost cause.  The ONLY thing I have to say to anyone who is working to prevent Ricky and I from being married is:

 Today’s Gay Agenda: If you only click on one link from TGA, make it this one:  We’ll marry your girlfriends.


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