Step by Step

You could have knocked me over with a feather earlier this week when I read that it was expected the Minnesota Legislative committees would vote in favor of advancing a bill to allow the equal protection of the over 1,000 laws that benefit married people, apply to all married couples, not just opposite gender married couples.

MN Senate votes to legalize gay marriage

It will be interesting to see how the next vote turns out.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Wonder where all those examples of horros that befall states that have legalized same gender marriage are? If there’s EVER a time to drag them out, this would be it. If they existed.

3 thoughts on “Step by Step”

  1. I don’t understand their thinking. Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry or have children…yet no one has attempted to stop terrorists, rapists, murders, or people accused of war crimes from being able to marry and reproduce? And as far as the “you’re all going to hell” theory…that means hell will be full of the kindest most gentle people GOD ever made! I want nothing more than to see my son happily married and with a family…and if that’s cause to send him to hell –Please God take me with.

  2. I see no moral preference to those criminals mentioned vs. a couple queers forcing a small vilnerable child to be brought up in their corrupt world. Perhaps if the queer groups didnm’t act like vindictive vigilanties towards people who dopn’t believe in their way of life, that opposition wouldn’t be so strong? (Mull it over for a week or so squirrel and maybe you’ll catch onto that one)

  3. Opie, your argument sounds alot like the onesused to describe those uppity ni&$ers who didn’t know their place back in the 50’s. No god fearing white person begrudged them anything, they just didn’t like their attitude.

    Yeah, it was a load of crap then; it’s a load of crap today.

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