One step forward, nine steps back

Today the North Dakota legislature, in typical form; once again took steps to regress our state back to the 40’s and 50’s.

Being a raging liberal, people are often shocked to learn I’m not pro-choice, end of discussion. This issue is infinitely more complex.

You see, I share life with someone whose birth mother could not care for him and gave him to two of the most wonderful parents a child could ever have. I also have two sisters-in-law who could not be more my sisters than if we were born as triplets.

And I have a bunch of cousins who were given very good lives by aunts and uncles who could have children biologically.

All that being said, where the problem lies is that once again, the party of ‘Less Government’ is forcing its point of view in the most invasive and personal way possible.

Insisting their religious views be adhered to by women in crisis situations, and removing the option of safe and legal medical procedures from them.

And as is often the case of conservatives, they address the symptom of a problem (abortion) rather than the REAL problem (unplanned pregnancy).

What smacks of hypocrisy is that I’m confident the same individuals who are forcing their agenda down the throats of everyone (fun I get to use that putrid phrase for once) are probably the same ones who flexed Republican muscle to stop the recent research and education grant awarded to NDSU for the purpose of providing comprehensive sex and life skills education to at risk youth whose parents authorized it.

Here’s the deal ND legislature: the citizens of ND are perfectly capable of deciding which legal medical options are best for them in certain situations. We’re also capable of deciding who we wish to commit our lives to. These decisions belong to individuals, and not uptight religious fundamentalists.

You need to stop obsessing with anything that involves human sexuality, and start focusing on the business of managing our state.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Rolling my eyes that those who whine about ‘the nanny state’ have made it more so than ever.

10 thoughts on “One step forward, nine steps back”

  1. I’d like to ask the rabid anti-abortionists if they have any arrangements to adopt, or find good homes for, the unwanted children who are the result of those unwanted pregnancies.

    1. Bill, it pains me that the party that refuses to offer any assistance in caring for; feeding or educating disadvantaged children is working to create more disadvantaged children.

      It’s similar to the scario of the party that sends young men and women to die in war, and then complains when they have to pay for their livlihood because they didn’t die in war.

  2. North Dakota has a burgeoning foster care system already. You can tell by the statistics. I however have an even closer perspective.

    MAC I can respect your stance, but I am pro-choice. I don’t think that a one size fits all works. I’ve stated many many times before I am an advocate for choice. While abortion is what I would recommend to anyone, I don’t believe that it is my place to limit the availability of it to someone who feels it is the best choice.

    I personally don’t have a problem that they have limited people from getting an abortion ‘after’ a test has been performed to check for any genetic abnormalities. This is a gray line where I think we then cross into it becomes a choice as to what type of child we would like to have.. I also don’t believe abortions should be given based on the sex of the child.

    You are either in a place in your life where children are either right or not right for you. It is that simple. Anything else gets to be to much of master race type scenario.

    However I agree that it is a sad day for the disadvantaged in North Dakota. Those with money will have no issues getting an abortion. They can drive/fly to Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis etc to receive an abortion. There is nothing in our law that states they cannot seek medical help elsewhere. It will however impact those who won’t be able to afford to travel to seek the medical attention they need.

    1. So well said Maverick. I didn’t even touch on the fact that this is a non-issue for those who can buy an airline ticket and a week at a ‘spa’ somewhere.

      The choice process is so exponentially complex that I think it’s wrong for middle-aged white men and uptight fundie women (ala Betty Grande) to decide what’s best for everyone.

      1. I just hope that all of these tight fisted, penny pinchers remember this vote when Health and Human Services comes to them with a budget that they don’t want to fund.

        Because ultimately it WILL lead to more single mothers on Welfare, and more people taking part in entitlement programs.

        They can’t have it both ways.

  3. What is never brought up by the anti-abortionists is exactly why we made abortions legal. They conveniently overlook the fact that it was made legal because there was an epidemic of young women dying from botched and butchered back alley and self abortions. We didn’t make abortions legal so could kill unborn babies, we made them legally available to save literally hundreds of thousands of lives!

    What the anti-abortionists refuse to accept is that making abortions illegal will not put an end to abortions, it will only put an end to abortions where the woman isn’t also at risk of dying. The anti-abortionists love to embrace the concept they are saving lives but the concept is actually the complete opposite, they are puttng more lives at risk. They’re mostly clueless zealots for some righteous cause in their mind that enables them to feel they then are righteous but have yet run into one that even knew why we made abortions legal to begin and they all seem to suffer this grand delusion that making abortions illegal will put an end to abortions. It won’t. Kinda defines judegemental zealots without a clue.

  4. All I have to say is it’s about time that unborn babies be recognized as “living beings” instead of “nonliving things”. And, this isn’t about religion either. Actually, abortion never has been a “religious” issue. It, like many other issues, have been turned into religious issues. Abortion is NOT a “religious issue” and those who are opposed to it are NOT forcing religious beliefs on someone. And, it’s not as much about abortion as it is the definition of life.

    Throughout my lifetime I have known that everything surrounding this single issue (from the procedure itself to when life begins) to be medical and scientific in nature, not religious. What I have seen throughout my life is that everything in which no one wants to take responsibility for has been turned into a “religious issue” and pushed on the shoulders of the church.

    Doesn’t anyone remember Biology class? Don’t you remember learning that when the sperm and egg meet, fertilization occurs which in the end results in a baby. Don’t you remember learning that a “living” thing grows, develops, and needs nutrition? All of those factors are true with regard to the being inside a womb. If something does not grow, does not develop then it certainly can’t be a living thing. This is far from true when it comes to the being in a womb.

    While we may not be able to “see” the baby while he or she is in the womb (other than via ultrasound), there is no denying that from egg through birth, there is in fact, a baby (a person). Just like there are words to describe the various stages of a person after he or she is born (infant, toddler, preschooler, child, adolescent, teenager, adult, and elderly), there are words to describe the stages of his or her development before he or she is born.

    Life does, in fact, begin at conception. And, medically and scientifically and legally speaking, when you intentionally do away with someone’s life, that is murder. Forget about religion. The laws of our land say that murder is wrong and there are severe consequences for committing such an act. When medical professionals take on their roles, they take an oath that promises they will do all they can to preserve life. So, even in the medical world life is valuable and murder is wrong.

    For those who are concerned about the proposed laws resulting in punishment for couples who utilize fertility services, I don’t see this law requiring punishment for you. Couples go through fertility for a reason. . .they are unable to conceive a child naturally so need some assistance. They desire to have children.

    For those who are concerned about women who experience miscarriages facing punishment. I don’t see this law requiring punishment for you. A miscarriage is not an intentional act (in most cases). It is something that cannot be predicted (unless planned out).

    For those who conceive a child through traumatic events. That baby growing inside of you is not a punishment. He/she is not a curse. He/she is not an evil being. And, he/she is NOT unwanted. There are many many couples out there who would be more than happy and willing to raise that baby to be a responsible part of society who can do great things in our world. That baby growing inside of you should NEVER be thought of as a “reminder of the trauma”. That baby growing inside of you should ALWAYS be thought of as a part of you and you alone. Sure, it takes two people for conception to happen, but it is YOUR body who will provide ALL of the things necessary for that baby to grow and develop. That is NOT punishment, that is an absolute miracle.

    1. GF Resident you make some very solid points, and you may be surprised to learn I do not necessarily disagree with you.

      I don’t know if you’ve read TGA for very long, but my partner Ricky was adopted by two wonderful parents back in the 50’s as were his two sisters. They were given wonderful lives by parents who truly wanted them. None of us know if the birth mothers wanted to terminate the pregnancies but couldn’t or chose adoption from the start.

      Anyway, high school biology and modern medical science are not necessarily the same thing. The old Republican in me still says the government does not belong in our personal lives. And in spite of being a male, I just don’t think old, uptight Republican men and women belong in the OBGYN office sitting alongside the Dr with his patient in the stirrups doing a transvaginal ultrasound trying to determine what’s going to keep whom out of prison.

    2. GF – you have some valid points. However it does ultimately boil down to what is a persons exact definition of life.

      Based on what you have written above, then any woman who has a miscarriage should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter. While it technically may not be their fault that their body decided to miscarry a fetus, there could have been a contributing factor, something they ate or ingested that caused the miscarriage to occur. There could have been some activity they performed (such as riding a horse, a motorcycle etc) that caused them to miscarry.

      If you are not willing to concede to that point, that a miscarriage is involuntary manslaughter then you also don’t believe that life begins at conception.

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