Oh Bette, it’s time to Sitte down and be quiet

The past few days, I’ve not been able to get an interview on gun control legislation done by Bette Grande out of my mind.

Something about the remarks made smacked of hypocrisy, but I didn’t know what it was.

Then I figured it out.

Mrs. Don Grande (how we should respectfully address our legislator, since she’s a religous fundamentalist conservative) indicated that we need no further gun control legislation because reality is, criminals do not obey laws anyway.

Makes sense. Everyone knows criminals don’t obey laws. That’s why they’re criminals. Duh.

Mrs Don Grande, you railed against gun control legislation on the platform that those who storngly desired a specific outcome would do whatever it takes to achieve that outcome.

Then later that day you worked to deny the availability of legal reproductive health services to infertile couples and women in crisis pregnancy situations because you believe enacting laws does, in fact, affect behavior.

Which is it?

Mrs Don Grande, perhaps you’d like to clarify.

Because as is characteristic of most religous fundamentalists, you appear to believe the moment a statement leaves you mouth it becomes truth.

Those in need of legal reproductive health services will find a way to recieve those services. And your attempt to force your religious point of view on the state will simply create more disadvantaged households you and your party complains about supporting.

Today’s Gay Agenda: OMG, for the first time ever, I’m all about the little women staying home, being submissive to their husbands and keeping their uneducated mouths shut.

One thought on “Oh Bette, it’s time to Sitte down and be quiet”

  1. Good point, Mac–and right on the mark! Another thing that bugs me about the Bible-thumping Fundies (whether they be true faithful followers or simply the pawns of self-serving politicians)is this:
    There are so very few references in the Bible to homosexuality that one must wonder why they give the issue so much importance. If we literally took scissors to all the Biblical references to greed, apathy, and divisive judgmentalism, the Bible would be hole-y indeed. All the blathering condemnation of homosexuality is simply a distraction to keep us from tackling those BIGGER social issues.

    And yes, the Bettes, Sarahs and Michelle types need to stay home and keep their dopey mouths shut until they learn to actually THINK.

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