Rollercoaster Ride

These past two days have been a wild rollercoaster ride in terms of civil liberties and equal protection under the law.

Yesterday around 1 p.m. news broke that Governor Dalrymple signed into law some of the most anti-female legislation written in decades. Even though sensible heads on both side of the argument agree these laws will never stand, the fact is ND legislators never miss an opportunity to remind women, minorities, gays and poor people that they are lesser citizens.

And they’d much rather spend my tax dollars fighting lawsuits defending statutes based on certain legislators religion than educating disadvantaged preschool children or ensuring school children have adequate nutrition.

Being a citizen of ND is truly shameful these days.

But then, as reports started coming out early this afternoon, all indicators are that the US Supreme court is going to strike down Section 3 of DOMA and allow over 1,100 existing laws apply equally to all married couples, not just certain ones.

US Supreme Court and DOMA Section 3

Those of you who’ve read TGA for a while know I really don’t care about the word ‘marriage’. We can call it ‘Alfred’ for all I care.

I also believe those against same sex marriage don’t care about the word marriage any more than I do. It’s simply a pleasant ruse trying to mask their intent to make sure gays remain lesser citizens.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and the fat lady leaves the room. However, I’m pretty confident that by this time next year, Ricky and I will be able to check the ‘married’ box on our federal tax returns.

Today’s Gay Agenda: I think the state of ND should sue the legislators who came up with this waste of time any money to recover the cost of litigation ND citizens are going to be forced to pay.