Mom? Dad?

The new popular argument against same gender marriage is “children need a father and a mother” along with “which parent can a child do without, a mother or a father?”

This argument is so flawed it’s hard to know where to begin.

But I’ll try.

First of all Ricky’s children and my children both have a mother and a father. Ours are children of divorce as are tens of thousands of children in the United States. Unfortunate and unpleasant to be sure, but a sad reality.

Keeping gays from marrying is not going to keep straight families from getting divorced.

The other point seems to be a concern that children of same gender parent households fare worse than others.

I’ve talked about that a number of times. I speculate that same gender couples have to invest such an incredible amount of resources in having a child that they’re actually better parents, statistically speaking, than straight parents.

The other flaw is the assumption that the moment gays get married they’re going to add children to the household.

The common sense response to this argument is that making ability to pro-create a requirement for marriage causes way too many problems for straight people.

They seem to get annoyed at restriction on who or even if they can marry. Imagine that?

Today’s Gay Agenda: Even anti-gay marriage forces are conceding an expectation DOMA is going to be severely edited if not eliminated. A June opinion is expected. I think they’ll make the announcement the third Friday in June. You know, the launch of Gay Pride weekend.

5 thoughts on “Mom? Dad?”

  1. In discussing the issues, I never refer to “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage”. In a discussion, I simply talk about “equal protection under the law” (hetrosexual-homosexual)
    as my guiding principle.

    I don’t talk about “pro-abortion” or “anti-abortion”. My guiding principle is a woman’s (or man’s) right to privacy to make health care decisions with their doctor.

    Then I say, “See? That was easy!”.

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