A Good Friday, Indeed

Each day when I open the newspaper, I shudder to think what new low the North Dakota Legislature has sunk.

Today didn’t disappoint. How sad a statement is that?

In spite of the fact North Dakota ranks amongst the top states in per capita binge drinking,  and fully 1/2 of all highway fatalities involve alcohol, our legislature decided the $250 fine for a first DWI offense is just fine.

In a shocking demonstration of common sense, the legislature put their foot down to guns in schools, but agreed that places of worship are fully appropriate for deacons to be packing heat. Perhaps the Sunday usher volunteer roster will need to include a ‘armed’ or ‘not armed’ check box.

Kevin Kramer is no longer¬†Public Service Commissioner¬†since we decided he was of such moral character that he was the man to represent us on a national level. Today it was announced the Congressman became so frustrated at the stupidity in the room that he indicated the he’d like to ‘wring their necks and slam them against the wall’ in reference to some governing board that represented them.

A totally appropriate comment at a conference regarding assigning accountability to those who abuse women and children.

After all, it’s a proven fact that the one thing all abused women have in common is ‘they just won’t listen!’

Today’s Gay Agenda: Can you imagine the state we’d be in if the Family Values and Personal Accountability Party weren’t ruling?

10 thoughts on “A Good Friday, Indeed”

  1. I come from a hillbilly mountains of southwestern Virginia. My father taught my brother and I how to use guns and handle them appropriately because using guns for hunting for food was necessary and not just a sport.

    In the many churchs have I have attended in my life, I have never heard of anyone packing a gun for any reason. We don’t have to worry about chasing the bad guy on horse back to get the stolen church donations. This is the 21st century, we do that i the courtroom. It is absolutely rediculous that anyone would have the need to carry a gun to church.

  2. @David H., Apparently you have not kept up with the news. There have been several shootings inside of churches over the past few years. Like theaters and schools, churches are full of people who are just sitting ducks to a mad man. If some or even one of the people inside are armed, it can perhaps prevent the tragedy from being worse. Your statement that it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would have the need to carry a gun in a church assumes that the only ones who enter the building are God-fearing Christians.

  3. Kevin Cramer was never a legislator, he was the Public Service Commissioner. His comment about “wringing necks” referred to the dysfunctional child protection services at Spirit Lake Tribe. I suspect was an in-artful attempt to project empathy to those in the room who were victims of uninvestigated and uninforced abuse issues at the Spirit Lake Nation, a situation that has garnered national headlines.

    1. Paul, thanks for the info. I’ll make the correction. You suspect it was an in-artful attempt to project empathy, and you may very well be correct.

      My point is: #1 it was ridiculously inappropriate and showed very poor judgement, and probably even more important is point #2 that even the most sensible person might be driven to violence out of frustration, especially when they feel that frustration is justified.

      Those people need to be held accountable.

      I stand by my statement it is seldom acceptable to talk about throwing someone against a wall, and it is never ever acceptable at a conference discussing violence against women and children.

      1. I agree that it was an inappropriate comment. But I think Spirit Lake needs to get their panties in a bunch over how their children are being molested and killed and not a comment made by a Legislator because he is frustrated that Nothing is being accomplished <- That is an assertion on my part.. But I know some people who have dealt with the tribe on these very issues. The tribal council needs to be sent to jail for the lack of action on just this issue alone.

        1. Maverick, agreed. There is clearly a huge problem with accountability and prosecution of abusers at Spirit Lake.

          Interestingly, I almost deleted the whole Kevin Cramer part, because there’s no question had he been thinking clearly he never would have gone down this path.

          That being said, the arrogant and kind of condescending tone was pretty slimy. And the remark about being scared to walk on the res is a clear indicator he considers himself above these folks.

  4. I think it’s totally acceptable for kramer to say those things. Have you ever been on an indian reservation? Have you ever seen the corruption and the dysfunctionality of their whole system. No non-native would be safe in their courts. Their child protective services have utterly failed the kids there. He should have been even harsher with them and I hate the fact that he’s waffling now. I say we dump the reservations and let them fend for themselves.

  5. I think the bigger issue and problem is this: who Republican legislators are as persons. Not just in North Dakota, but in other states, and on the national level.
    Many Republican legislators seem to lack “emotional intelligence”. How else can you account for the very numerous inappropriate statements (see: “legitimate rape” and so forth) throughout the years? (Mitt Romney’s “49 percent” comments will always be in the “hall of shame” for me.)
    They believe in their ideology, but are short on human qualities.

    1. A Good Friday, Indeed was spot on and your answer to Paul ____ was also spot on. It was extremely poor judgement. In my 20+ years in chld welfare …Mr. Cramer’s explanation of his actions and his response to the people at the meeting for that matter are right in line with what I heard and obvserved from abusive men/women when they were asked to explain what happened in their home etc…after they were reported or arrested….Unbelieveable…..Enjoy your blog very much.

  6. As far as allowing handguns in churches…it would be a sad day indeed to read about a shooting in church where innocent people were killed..in the crossfire!

    Also, my husband has worked on all the reservations in ND and a few in SD for 35+ years. He used to have a concealed weapons permit and always said that he would never have to use it on a Native American. More than likely it would have been used for protection against a white person with a very bad attitude thinking they’re just automaticaly better than the Indians.

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