In your Easter Bonnet, 3

*For some reason I will never understand, this is the most popular post ever on TGA. It’s been read over 4,200 times. I decided to add photos I took after writing this.

Enjoy. Happy  Easter!

Here’s what Ricky and I are doing this Easter weekend to advance the gay agenda of destroying American society and traditional families:

I will spend Saturday afternoon digging out Ricky’s mother’s wedding china, sterling and crystal as well as my mother’s wedding china; various linen table cloths and napkins from long gone grandmothers and setting our tables in such a way Martha Stewart would be envious, or at least approve. Yes, I realize it’s stereotypical we each have our mom’s wedding china, but all our sisters (we have 3 between us) acknowledge we entertain alot, and we entertain BIG, so if they’re going to enjoy mom’s china, they know it will probably happen at our house.

Ricky’s mother’s wedding china

My mother’s wedding china

Sniffer will go to the Pretty Puppy Parlor @ 2 p.m. for a shampoo and set.

Saturday evening we will have dinner with my daughter and her new gentleman friend. He’s a young man I’ve known since his birth and comes from a great family. Although he’s 27 and she’s 21, I understand as kids get older age difference isn’t quite as critical. (Ricky is 6 years older than I–we met when I was 39 and he 45)

Easter Sunday Ricky will sing in the church choir while dinner for 14 bakes in the oven. We’re doing a list of favorite family recipes from our mothers and grandmothers. Back in the day, everything went in the oven. Nobody knew what it meant to saute something, in fact everyone probably thought saute was a dirty word.

Sunroom table set with Ricky’s mother’s china

Dining room table set with my mom’s china

We will then host Ricky’s son and wife, our two grand kids; Ricky’s daughter; their mother (that’s right–family holidays are not about whether Brad and Ethel can be in the same room); my mother; my sister & her gentleman friend and my sister’s 16 year old daughter.

Alert the Minnesota Family Council as well as James Dobson & Focus on the Family—this is what two very determined gay guys are doing to destroy your family and bring about the downfall of society as we know it. Expect fire and brimstone around 4 p.m.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Recognize our vanilla suburban life isn’t filled with nearly as much debauchery as the fundies would expect. Say an extra prayer of thanks at Easter service for this odd conglomeration of people we love and who love us right back.

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  1. It’s not surprising that this post is the one read most of all. It’s like an anthem celebrating old traditions and new family-ness at its best, a hymn of Spring and new beginnings and the triumph of love and understanding. Happy Easter to Brad and Ricky and family!

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