Need some documentation on that one, please

Today’s Forum carries a well written letter that outlines the point of view of Bette Grande and why she is using her position of influence to force her religious beliefs on the citizens of North Dakota.

She makes some interesting points and many are probably accurate. But then she wraps it up with this statement:

After-birth abortion is not new, it is not fringe, it is the goal of Planned Parenthood. I wonder how many of the well-intentioned North Dakotans supporting abortion are aware of that goal.


That’s a pretty inflammatory statement. A statement so outrageous that I think we all deserve some documentation to back that up. A mission statement, meeting notes, secret videos, stolen e-mails ANYTHING that would make people like me join forces with her.

(Think Mitt Romney and his true feelings about half of America)

But I suspect the only back up would be from some fundamentalist religious organization who quotes some former abortion mill director who has found religion and mended her evil ways.

Ricky has said for years society pays people to tell us what we want to hear. The likes of Rush Limbaugh make a very good living doing that. I have said for years that religious fundamentalists have a pathological belief that the moment words leave their mouths they become truth.

And sadly, there are scores of people just waiting to believe that truth.

Today’s Gay Agenda: It’s unfortunate that Mrs Grande’s point of opening dialog and discussion may have already had a desired effect of reducing abortion was lost. That seemed reasonable and perhaps even valid. In my opinion, there were scores of North Dakotans reading the paper and reflecting on her statements who then realized she’s just another crazy religious fundamentalist.

8 thoughts on “Need some documentation on that one, please”

  1. Abortion is a complex issue and I thought that Ms. Grande’s letter was simplistic in nature
    (only talking about thy “heartbeat” issue) and thus does not, in my opinion, do justice to
    the many facets and issues that women face when contemplating an abortion.
    “Heartbeat” may be “truth” as she states, but it is not the complete Truth.

  2. What about when they discover the supposed “gay gene?” My oh my! Wil there be abortions then.

  3. I am a dyed in the wool fundamentalist Christian. Me & John Calvin are friends, which puts me to the right of many conservative Evangelicals.

    I am also a Registered Nurse. Knowing that life begins at conception is a no brainer. This is not rocket science.

    What I am not is someone who believes you can legislate morality. Laws are put in place to insure the smooth running of society; nothing more, nothing less.

    Morality is personal. Likewise salvation. obeying the law will not make you a good person. The law has never saved one soul from hell.

    You give people information & they decide. In real life people make choices & suffer the consequences (some eternal) of their mistakes.

    That is why I did not, and do not support that woman or people line her. They are basing their decisions & actions on a false paradigm: God never said make the world a safe place. He said bring sinners to Him & He will do it.

    People like Betty G simply get in His way.

  4. Paul, I have a feeling I would like you in the real world. Strong beliefs that you probably share when invited to, and a real respect for the rights of others. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Let me give you a couple of sources regarding Planned Parenthood’s stand on after birth abortions. From a George Will column: In a 1999 debate, Santorum asked Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., whether she agreed that “once the child is born, is separated from the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution and cannot be killed.” Boxer said: “I think that when you bring your baby home … .”

    And then this YouTube video of actual testimony by a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman who refused to give a straight answer to the question of “what should happen to a baby that is inadvertently born alive during an abortion?”

    I don’t think it is a stretch to call Sen. Boxer a PP supporter and advocate, and she made her position clear in 1999 in the discussion on “partial birth abortions.” The Florida testimony was this year, 14 years later. I say PP has been pretty consistent that they believe that any thing called a legally protected abortion means that the mother has the right to kill a child, which is not hers alone, pretty plain, clear, and simple.

    1. Thanks for the comment Paul. I share your opinion regarding partial birth abortions and am personally glad it’s been made illegal. I didn’t watch the you tube video because clearly she was dodging the question or it wouldn’t be out there.

      However, I’m still not finding any policy, mission statement, e-mail, video, or anything other than extremist rhetoric that indicates Planned Parenthood has the goal of making post-birth abortion legal.

      Saying it and believing it doesn’t make it so. Mrs Grande had great points on fueling discussion and reflection and she then blew it throwing out this malarcky about the ‘goal’ of killing babies after they’re born.

      Mrs Grande is by far her own worst enemy.

    2. Paul – I completely agree that partial birth abortions should be outlawed, in fact I also think late term abortions should also be outlawed as well. I personally have no problems with that. In fact in my own belief system is that abortions shouldn’t be allowed after about the 13 to 14 week mark. (This is my own opinion, and not that of any other group or affiliation).

      I get testy during these discussions because it is a no choice at all debate with the other side. When I firmly believe that up to a certain point this choice is between a woman and her medical provider.

      I personally champion for choice. To many of our liberties in this country have fallen by the wayside, to include a majority of the constitution itself since the Patriot act was passed. I’ll be dipped if I let anything else get by without my vocal dissent.

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