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    2013 - 04.07

    A few weeks ago,¬† I found out something very disturbing: North Dakota legislators are working to secure abandoned school buildings to function as interment facilities for gay men, so they can be quarantined until it’s verified they do not have AIDS and thus are not spreading it to the general population.

    Gay men are notorious for promiscuous sex and an overwhelming desire to destroy the human race.

    I’m told empty schools in New Rockford, Galesburg, Gwinner and Alice are already being retrofitted with bars on the windows and electrified fence.

    There’s an on-line survey being prepared so North Dakota citizens can submit the names of known or suspected homosexuals to the state, because obviously homos aren’t going to come forward willingly. The goal is that they can be detained until it’s proven they a) don’t have AIDS, or b) don’t like man-sex.

    Those that do have AIDS will be detained indefinitely as a means of protecting the citizens of North Dakota, and those that like man-sex will have extensive repairative therapy using the left over materials abandoned by the now nearly defunct Exodus International, the former pray-the-gay-away organization that went bust.

    Alright. I made all that up.

    But I made it up for a really, really good reason. The North Dakota legislature is completely out of control and must be stopped!

    Today’s Forum carried a letter in which one of our legislators indicated a goal of Planned Parenthood is to legalize post-birth abortion. (I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds horrible) And she made this statement not once, but twice in her letter.

    Earlier today I wrote a post calling this out, and after literally HUNDREDS of hits to my site, there was not one single shred of verification to this claim, save for some  examples of rogue characters making outrageous claims about late term abortion.

    I suspect had I taken the time, I could have rounded up some characters who support abortion until the child is 24 months of age.

    As I stated earlier today, saying it or even believing it doesn’t make it so.

    There will always be a willing audience of people clamoring for someone to say what they want to hear.

    The people willing to fill that role need to remain televangelists, talk show hosts, or in some cases preachers

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Republican and Democrat citizens of North Dakota deserve better. Enough is enough.


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    2 Responses to “Let’s go Camping!”

    1. opinionated says:

      Your opening was one of the most accurate and factual stories you’ve ever penned squirrel. Keep smoking those banana peels and maybe some day they’ll find a cure for whatever it is you have.

    2. maverick says:

      Unfortunately the day after that aired in the paper the preceding articles about this guy hit Yahoo.. None of the other national news organizations are reporting it.. But they are..


      He is accused of delivering 7 live babies and cutting the spinal cord in their neck.. This man alone has done more to set back women’s rights then Paul Ryan.

      I still believe in a woman’s right to choose, and I hope they hang this guy up by the short hairs and cut more than a little off the top.