Minnesota Marriage

I’ve always been proud to be from Minnesota, even though I’ve called Fargo home for the past 15 years or so. Today, however I’m even more proud.

Minnesota Marriage

Unlike the sideshow put on by our North Dakota legislators, much of which played out on a national level; law makers in Minnesota are stepping up and doing the right thing by allowing existing laws to apply equally to all loving couples.

It’s hard for me to even come up with  one of my usual snarky wise-cracks. Ricky and I married in Canada in 2006, and not a single one of our neighbors has gotten divorced, nor has one parent or the other been forced to leave their household because we’re married.

Our grandkids know us as Grandpa and Poppa B. That’s all they’ve ever known, and all they ever will know. Poor Ricky is stuck with me for the long haul ’cause I’m never giving him up.

Now it’s up to the Senate, and conventional wisdom is there’s more support there than in the house.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Thank you Minnesota Legislators. You are leaders of honor and character that puts the well being of its citizens above partisanship and religious dogma.

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  1. Like.. Like.. Like.. Like… (Where is that darn button.. Oh well) Like.. Like.. Like..

    Maybe Michelle’s husband will finally get married 🙂

  2. I’ve been having a quiet celebration (Ok, off the walls whooping) ever since reading my email news!

    As for Michele’s husband–that just may come to pass since she seems to be heading the way of the Wicked Witch in Oz: POOF!

    😀 😀

  3. That’s why I live in ND. The excessive number of queers and liberals have made MN a laughing stock. Of all the people I know very few endorsing this version of playing house. As for the queers who adopt children, I think they should be put in a prison on another continent, or face capital punishment. That type of crime is just as disgraceful as the latest Ohio kidnapping incident.

    And that squirrel, is still what most people think of your group and their fetishes. No whining special interest groups can change that fact of life.

    1. After all these years, you’ve finally convinced me. Yup, Opie you got it figured out. Yawwwwwwn. If any one of our usual commentators might be found to have someone chained in the basement, I do think we all know who that might be. 🙂

      1. squirrel, just because some low life politicians broke the law and refused to obey the base of citizens within their voter base, does not justify a national holiday for queers. All it does it allow the weak politicians lives to stay out of the queer squeaky wheel press. It’s a sign of a low life politician at their worst. It doesn’t make it acceptable to the general public, and it will only enrage and escalate violence towards queers amongst the majority of society. If that’s what you want go for it. When it goes too far many citizens will react normally. Don’t come crying that day, remember force feeding results in backflow.

    2. Opie, I’m glad you are living in ND. If you lived Minnesota, you would always be blinded by the enlightenment.

      1. Actually the reason we have a strong North West wind most of the time is MN sucks so bad it creates a natural pressure delta offset and this is the result.

      1. I’m not mentally ill or taking extreme measures for attention, so it came naturally to be straight.

    3. Oh goodness Opie – still all the rage rushing through all your body. Wouldn’t it bring peace to you to just admit you are gay ? The truth will set you free !

  4. “Under the constitution of the United States, as an American citizen, you have a right to the same guarantees and protections as anyone else. Fundamental to our way of life and society is the freedom to marry the person you love.” Gov. Mark Dayton

    A great day for all Minnesotans! 100% support from all our Iron Range legislators. Happy & Proud in northern MN ~ yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    1. A small number of political wimps broke the law and defied the voters rights. Oh yeah whoopie. You’re so smart.

  5. I knew the MN House would do the right thing. Since I grew up right on the border in Grand Forks, and lived in the Twin Cities for 7 years, can I call myself a proud MinDakotan? Bursting with progressive Minnesota values today.

  6. Do you ever wonder if opie is just having us on? I mean, is anyone REALLY that ignorant and angry? Sometimes I wonder if opie’s just playing devil’s advocate. . . but he probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  7. Congratulations, Mac!
    Dayton signed it into law this afternoon.
    I’ve been off AreaVoices for months now, but when I saw the news I just had to track you down to acknowledge a big win for you!

  8. Kind of funny when you think about it. Maybe some cull politicians took the easy road rather than buck the special interest group whining, but it will change little in many ways. The general public will still not want you around. The queer groups will still consist primarily of mentally weak and disturbed individuals, and it’ll still be just playing house not a marriage. You’ll never be equals nor desireable to have in the community. So one might say little has changed for most of us really. lipstick on a pig…

    1. Opinionated you are wrong.. very wrong. History will judge you and your kind as harsh as the KKK. Societies views are changing, and they change more and more every day as the bigoted and self serving people of your ilk die off and are put to their eternal rest.

      While it may not happen in my lifetime, the change has started, it is inevitable and it will happen. On that day the US can finally say that all men are created and treated equal.

  9. It’s bad enough that Minnesota has agreed to the” Gay Rights ” bill. But what is worse is the fact that Minnesota voters were ignored. We voted this issue down. But no , the minority with a very loud and irritating demand for “Rights” got heard. They were heard by 23 reps and our Governor. Who didn’t care what we voted against.
    I sent my thoughts to my rep. Paul Marquart the day before the vote. He thanked me and said he didn’t know how he was going to vote on the day before the vote. I think he knew how he was going to vote but I didn’t get heard. I think it is up to “We the People” of Minnesota to make some big changes come election time. To take back a government that needs to listen to the majority.

    1. As I recall Connie, two years ago the number one priority of the Republican controlled legislature was to get a gay marriage ban written into the state constitution.

      It was so critical this be done, they let the state shut down during peak tourist season because their time was spent getting the referrendum passed.

      It seems to me the majority voted it down.

      Then, as karma would have it, the marriage equality bill passed. And the one and only reason it passed is because MN Republicans forced the consitutional ammendment ban two years ago.

      By the way, I have a standing offer of ten thousand dollars cash to anyone who can give me an example of how same gender marriage harms them, their children or their family.

      Connie, I am most certain that all you put out in the world comes back to you in even greater proportion. 🙂

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