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Today’s Forum carries an interesting story where a number of couples were interviewed regarding their plans for the future now that Minnesota has made same gender marriage legal.

Minnesota Marriage

There were a number of interesting stories, and a number of interesting challenges faced by young couples that Ricky and I never encountered. For example, the parents’ names going on a birth certificate when the child is born to a same gender couple is very complex and quite expensive.

Interestingly, I was interviewed for this article but not quoted.

Ricky and I had a very different point of view. When asked if we planned to move to Minnesota, I told the reporter Kyle that we married in Canada a number of years ago. We have lived in our south Fargo home for 8 years and really like it. We have the best trust attorney money can buy. Our employers provide domestic partner benefits.

For right now, we’re okay.

And after we work another ten years, we’ll sell this house and take our money and go to our home in Boca.

Which of course, got me to thinking: I think there are a huge number of same gender North Dakota  couples who will be doing basically the same thing.

Who is going to take our place?

My first thought was that no single gay person, and certainly no gay couple would make North Dakota their first choice to live.

Maybe not even their 37th choice of where to live. Which is probably not that big of a deal. So 50 gay couples decide not to move to North Dakota. There would be a certain faction of people cheering that news. They might even start some recruiting efforts to attrack gay-haters to North Dakota as a place where discrimination is not only legal; it’s constitutionally protected!

But then I got to thinking about how the current generation for the most part just does not care about gay people. In fact, many shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes and wonder what is the big deal.

And I wonder if those people will ever make North Dakota their first choice of places to live?

Don’t have the answer to that one. For the time being, North Dakota is swimming in money. We are so wealthy we can take on ridiculously expensive lawsuits to force certain legislators religion on the state and possibly the nation.

But what about 20 years from now, when all the old homos have taken their money and long since left?

Will North Dakota still be one of the most politically backward states in the US? Will North Dakota still be the last choice a gay person would want to live; and a generally unattractive place for any young person to choose to live?

Today’s Gay Agenda: The oil and the money always dry up. Just ask Midland Texas. Or Tulsa Oklahoma. The smug arrogant attitude of North Dakota legislators is doing nothing to protect the long term interests of the citizens. Maybe the new billboards in Moorhead should read: North Dakota is open for business, closed to homos. Have a nice day!


7 thoughts on “Moving on up”

  1. Well said ! North Dakota needs to wake up and notice the changes that occur in life and accept it – more so welcome it as we are all human whatever our lifestyle is. I am so sick of those that quote the Bible and truly believe they are god loving people – well to me they are not and I believe those who think they are judge and jury are the ones god will try hard to understand when they are at the pearly gates . And guess what those of us gay and straight (yes that would be me) will be welcomed with open arms. If there is a heaven . Wherever we may go when we leave this earth I want to be in the same place as tolerant ,loving and accepting human beings – have had enough of the Scripture quoting nuts here on earth ! ACCEPTANCE of all will make you a better person and a HAPPIER person !!!!!

  2. So rita oh noble queer one, can you spell “hypocrite”? You take a few people’s quotes and from there chastise and condemn all of a group of billions of normal people? I’ll go one step further and say you are a “pathetic hypocrite” who uses the term human loosely. And as for your other complaint, 🙂 remember you’re free to leave whenever you wish.

    1. Still continue to hope that someday you will find peace and happiness. I feel sad for you and your lost soul. Do not worry sooner or later the truth will let you free.

  3. squirrel, you really should make a bold statement and move to the state with the crooked politicians who defied the voters which elected them. Move there and relish in the piece of paper that state is willing to provide you since it’s the only document you could hope to obtain worth its weight in kindling. Else you can always retire early!

    1. I’m working on the early retirement part.

      This is such poetic justice: 2 years ago I was ranting on and on about the state of MN shutting down because the Republicans decided the most important piece of business was getting a public vote to have discrimination enshrined in the state constitution.

      Clearly, normal people thought they were wasting everyone’s time too. The Republicans got voted out of office, normal people got voted in and gay marriage became the law of the land!

      Love, love, love it.

  4. Unforunately, the number of opinionated people in North Dakota who supports discrimination of GLBT people as well as any other minority outnumber the people who believe in equality. North Dakota is not going to change until the federal government steps in and make is against the law to discriminate to anyone in any way.

    1. I’ve had a couple of discussions on this topic, and we agree that the powers that be really want this to happen. That way it will drive away those ‘dirty democrats’ and things like the Heidi Heitcamp election won’t happen again.

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