Merit Badge

This week the Boy Scouts earned an additional merit badge by lifting their ban on gay scouts.

Boy Scouts

There’s various discussions going on as to what exactly this means, since so many youth don’t figure out their sexuality until their late teens or twenties. Some from my generation didn’t figure it out until their 30’s.

The recent decision reinforces a theory I’ve had for years in regard to homosexuality: for the most part, conservative society is only concerned about adult men having sex together.

Over 20 years ago, the Girl Scouts across the board lifted their ban on gays. I haven’t researched stats on the Girl Scouts, but I suspect after 20 years if the organization was to collapse because of this, it would have happened by now.

But it never will. Society doesn’t get worked up by lesbians.

In fact, I think uptight straight guys find the idea of two women together kind of hot anyway. So in spite of the Larry Craig types who step away from giving a speech against gay rights to get little nookie in the men’s room, I don’t really don’t ever expect to hear many preachers or politicians complaining about gay women.

A few weeks ago the scouts tested the waters on dropping the ban on gay leaders. It seems conservative society is still obsessed with adult men having sex, and they quickly course corrected.

This week, a part of my theory seems to have been proven correct. This generation just doesn’t think homosexuality is an issue. For the most part, they seem to roll their eyes and wonder what the fuss is about, and why are these old people so obsessed with gay sex.

Thank you for doing the right thing Boy Scouts. The work you do fostering commitment, character, integrity, patriotism, community, responsibility; the list goes on, is a benefit to all boys.

Boys like Ricky who grow up to be an Eagle Scout and then figure out they’re gay.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Send a check to the local chapter of the Boy Scouts with a note of thanks.

disclaimer: I mean no disrespect my lesbian sisters. Just sharing an observation.

3 thoughts on “Merit Badge”

  1. I am not old, the reason any one would be obsessed with gay sex or any sex outside of marriage the way God intended it, would be, it is wrong. ( According to God’s word, not mine)

  2. Thanks Mike. I’m not quite sure I get your point other than promiscuity (i.e. physical relationships outside of an emotional bond) can cause some problems. There will never be agreement on the meaning of scripture in this regard, so discussion is probably pointless. Maybe we can agree that Divine plan is that human spirits commit to one another during their time on Earth. Some put more emphasis on the physical qualification of this bonding.

  3. I’m sorry but their’s going to be problems with this. The fact is that scouts aren’t about sex. They’re not out there trying to promote a sexual agenda. They’re trying to help young boys become strong responsible men and have a good time doing it. There’s no room for politics or trying to change someones behaviors. When it comes to the scouts I believe a don’t ask, don’t tell policy works just fine, and that goes for straights also. Keep the sex out of it. You don’t see straights scouts out there declaring their hetrosexuality, why do homosexuals feel they need to do the same.

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