Quack Quack!

Things have changed so dramatically the past six months and in such a good way, I’ve really had nothing much to say.

I’ve lost count, but I think it’s now 18 states that allow same gender marriage. Our military is still doing just fine inspite of allowing open gays to serve our country, and I haven’t really heard much about the Boy Scouts since their modification of policy.

Well, this week I wandered into a mine field on a social media site, regarding the Phil Robertson headlines. Which obviously suggested I do still once in a while have something to say, after all.

I wholeheartedly support Phil’s right to his beliefs. I roll my eyes when he presents opinion as fact. (General opinion is that blacks did in fact, not like life better under segregation) I support this because it gives me something to write about and get worked into a frenzy over.

What I struggle with is the number of people who are outraged he was fired from his job. I suspect the ones who are the most outraged by his constitutional rights being violated are the same ones who’ve worked tirelessly to not allow constitutional law to apply to gay people, but I digress.

Phil’s consitutional rights were not violated. He was not imprisoned, arrested, or even stopped by the police for questioning. The IRS did not freeze his assets pending an investigation. Search warrants were not requested for his home, nor was his home illegally searched.

He was fired for making vile comments that have zero basis in fact that shocked and outraged his bosses and lots of Americans.

As one commentator stated, if you think freedom of speech should have no cosequences or accountability, go into your bosses office tomorrow and tell him he is a moron and has ugly children and see what happens.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Thanks for the opportunity to blow off some steam. Merry Christmas from Brad and Ricky.

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  1. Hello squirrel. Saw the horrid color scheme and knew it was you. Remember even if a special interest group succeeds in pushing thru a law for legal recognition means nothing about making any progress in the opinions of the majority the citizens of this country. You’re in the same group as radical muslims. You can scream all you want about your rights, but you are still human cull and not wanted. As far as the Duck Dynasty crowd goes I never watched a single episode before this week. Now I’m a number one fan of the show and the people involved in making it! It’s amazing really, a few whiny queers actually pulled off the removal of him from the show because their ity bity personalities couldn’t take hearing someone else’s opinion. Think about it. Ever hear the word hypocrite?

      1. That would be the Nat’l gay groups who went public immediatgely demanding this happen because “their rights were violated”?? Such BS. The guy was pulled into an intgerview and asked pointed questions for which they already knew the answer, then when he replied honestly to what he thought was a siin the gayu worl comes down on him. Thjat’s what led to this. A&E I do fault, but they are too sensitive to listening to the nat’l gay crowds cry and protest about everything they can dream up and didn’t want the attention. They screwed up. The gays did just as expected.

        1. Oh my opinionated ! You must continue to be angry and in the closet . Time to quit fighting it – don’t worry people will still love you ! The closet door is glass and we can all see you and know what you really want to be !!

  2. Mac, where the heck have you been? Missed you comments on Jon’s blog. I have never watched Duck Dynasty so don’t really care if it is taken off. One columnist suggested he said those things because ratings have dropped and A&E was considering cancelling the show. He said what he did because he knew it would get a lot of attention and stir up controversy and boost ratings. That tactic has been used before.

    1. Thanks Michael! My well totally ran dry for smart alec wise-cracks, plus things have changed SO MUCH any gay person that spent tooooooooo much time whining in public would deserve a smack. Including me.

      I’ve been doing this study loosely based on those passages that say ‘lie with thieves, become a thief’ so I’m reassessing what I’m inviting into my life. I enjoy your passion and point of view and find your faith an inspiration. Even when we don’t agree. It’s letting the likes of Opie into my world that’s giving me pause. I don’t ever want to block a commentator because debate is such a great learning tool. Maybe a prayer or two on my behalf couldn’t hurt? Merry Christmas and Best to the Ross family.

  3. First of all he did not say “that blacks liked life better under segregation”, secondly you only feel the comments are vile because you cannot tolerate anything except total acceptance of your agenda. All he stated was that in his beliefs homosexuality is a sin along with many other sins. In his eyes a sin is a sin, whether it’s telling lie, stealing a candy bar, or performing an unnatural sex act. A sin is a sin. You and the gay community just cannot accept someone else having an opinion different than your own. Let’s talk intolerance here.

  4. Actually Josh, normal people think his comments were vile and unfounded. There is no evidence homosexuality leads to bestiality. There is also no evidence life for black people was better during segregation and they actually liked it better then than now. I suspect we’d be very hard pressed to find a black person who would agree with this point of view.

    I’m simply supporting the conventional wisdom his civil rights were not violated.

    1. Again. You are misquoting him. he wasn’t comparing homosexuality to beastiality. He was comparing sin to sin. None being differetn than another in gods eyes. N or did he say that black people liked it better then than now. Though when you see what has become of the black culture you might be hard pressed by many to believe otherwise.

      1. Hi Josh, here’s the actual quote. I am assuming you are a black man since you seem to have a working knowledge of black culture. If you’d like to share more from that point of view that would be great. I only have very, very casual acquaintences who are black.

        Anyway, here’s the quote. (Personally, I think this is all a stunt to boost ratings or get out of his contract and into a better one. Idiots do not generally amass 80 million in wealth)

        “Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine,” he later added. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

        Since you are not a gay man ( I assume. ) You’re not qualified to determine if this is offensive to gays.

        1. Oh, I forgot to add . . . . It would appear God and Phil only frown on male prostitues, since female prostitutes are quite noticably omitted. 🙂

        2. I see, so only gay people can have a say on the matter? Again all he stated was that homosexual behavior is a sin (in his eyes) and that there are a lot of other sexual sins that go on from there. If you were offended then grow a thicker sin. I could be offended by the sissy manner in which tv gays behave. I am offended by the vulgarity that goes on at gay parades and street fairs. Do you see me whining and crying and demanding people lose their jobs because of it? I don’t see the greedy and the drunkards having a hissy fit. Nor the slanderers or the swindlers and i’d say there’s a lot more of them in this country than homosexuals. It’s time the gay movement got over themselves and start assimilating to society instead of being IN YOUR FACE all the time. Otherwise I can see an eventual backlash. In fact I think we already are.

          1. Brace yourself . . . I think you have some very valid points. People are shocked when I share that I think gay pride parades have served their purpose. We don’t have Lutheran pride or brown hair pride parades.

  5. Mr Bigot was not fired. He was put on suspension by A&E. He will be appearing in 9 of the new episodes when the new season begins airing next month, as those have already been taped.

    1. He’s not a bigot. How dare you say so. That’s like saying you”re a bigot because of what you say and think.

  6. Welcome back to the blog Mac..

    On this topic we are going to disagree. Two people can read this article and come away with completely different viewpoints. I do believe that the article was written with observer bias. I really don’t think that journalist wanted to be in the swamp back waters of Louisiana in any way shape or form. That being said…

    What I got from this article is first and foremost is that he loves everyone but he hates the sin. Secondly what I got from the one section about homosexuality is, if we (meaning society at large) accept homosexuality, where do we stop? Then does bestiality now become ok. (Yes I’m paraphrasing). Those very questions have been asked on your blog if I am not mistaken.

    Next, what he said about Black people.. again, he called himself ‘White Trash’. He stated that he worked right next to black people hoeing cotton. He said that he never heard them complain, or ask for handouts or expect handouts, or talk bad about the ‘White man’ for whom they worked. Now, there is a lot to be said about black people during that time period opening their mouth in protest… It just didn’t happen back then. They would have been lynched.

    I think he is a very devout man of faith, and I think both sides are blowing this far more out of proportion than it needs to be. Do I believe that he may be a little old fashioned, yep. Do I think that he is a closet bigot, not sure. Honestly I don’t watch the show at all, and don’t know him as a person. But purely based on that one article, I think he defined what he thought was a sin when asked.

    I don’t believe that this is a 1st Amendment issue, and I completely agree that A&E had the right to release him per whatever contractual agreements that they may have had. Freedom of speech does not preclude someone from freedom of consequences.

    My biggest complaint in a lot of this is why are groups like GLAAD making such a big deal about this guy.. Where were their outcries over the course of the last many years about Alec Baldwins rampant bigotry? He has made it very well known how he feels, yet it wasn’t until just recently that he was released from his show on MSNBC. I never heard a peep from any of the big brand groups.

    Peace and Prosperity to you in the coming year.

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