That’s a wrap!

Lots of retrospectives being written about 2013, and I suppose I should jump on the bandwagon.

After reading a few, it seems 2013 was really good, pretty good, good, not so good, bad, really bad and a utter disaster; depending on your point of view.

In other words, it appears our life experience is what we make of it and how we perceive it.

From my perspective, there were two HUGE victories for gay people. The first is the absolutely shocking number of states where marriage equality was either voted in; or inequality laws struck down.

Consensus from the people I speak with is that this is going to snowball, most probably because of tax laws, in which two seperate classes of US citizens are created based upon which state you live in. (I am way over simplifying, but their estimation does seem realistic)

The other big victory is that years after the gloom and doom prediction of ultra-conservatives; our military and society remain stable in spite of allowing gays to openly serve in the military and enjoy the equal protection of existing marriage laws.

So, how were things for Brad & Ricky? The usual mix of life experiences, but overall each year we share just seems to get better and better and better. The bumps in the road are softened by having someone to lean on, and the successes are even more spectacular with him by my side.

Today’s Gay Agenda: 2014? I can hardly wait!

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