The Chosen Ones

A phrase that comes up over and over again amongst those who are trying to show their incredible level of tolerance is: “CHOSEN lifestyle.”

“I love you, but I don’t love the lifestyle you’ve CHOSEN.”

“I have nothing against you or the lifestyle you’ve CHOSEN.”

“I can’t understand why you “CHOSE” the gay lifestyle, and I pray my children would never do the same.”

I know it’s meant as a panacea that somehow makes their disdain for gay people okay.

Truth be told, I really really like my lifestyle. And I really really love it that I share this lifestyle with Ricky.

The irony is, I think when push comes to shove; every person who makes these ‘chosen’ remarks would be more than pleased to enjoy what Ricky and I share, and in fact do wish the same for their children.

Ricky and I are at the top of our professions and enjoy the respect and camaraderie of our colleagues. We earn a comfortable income that allows us to live a life free from need; and pretty much fulfills every want we could come up with.

Our circle of friends is big and broad and diverse and includes a cast of characters worthy of a FOX network sitcom; each of whom would be at our doorstep with a moment’s notice if needed.

We share a home in Fargo and a home in Boca that are both filled with peace and prosperity, health and harmony, love and light.

I like that.

And in spite of the fact I was in my (very late) 30’s when I met Ricky and we are now in our 50’s,  every now and then one of us will remark he finds the other even more handsome now than all those years ago. And we share enough history to know when the other makes the remark, the statement is sincere.

So, the only thing about our lifestyle that I think these folks might find objectionable is what they speculate may or may not take place behind our closed bedroom door.

And to those people, I would like to offer the reassurance that they will never, ever be invited to participate. Nor will they ever be encouraged to emulate what they think may go on, unless that’s something they ‘choose’ to do.

Today’s Gay Agenda: I LOVE the lifestyle I’ve ‘chosen’ and I sincerely hope that anyone else who ‘chooses’ to live the life Ricky and I have has the same good fortune.



12 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones”

  1. I love that your lifestyle has worked so well for you and Ricky, despite what bigots think of your sexual orientation and your lifestyle.

    It amazes me how pre-occupied many anti-gay heterosexuals are with gay sex. Hmm…

    1. It amazes me that you label people that don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle as bigots. I guess alternatively we could say that gay couples are freaks or faggots. Not that I would say that but there are two sides and what gives you the right to pass judgement?

      1. Actually, I’m given the right to pass judgement when someone goes on a public venue and makes disparaging remarks about my partner and I. At that point, I will also go on a public forum and share my point of view. They don’t object to the ‘lifestyle’ they just don’t like gay sex. That’s fine. Don’t have gay sex.

        1. you go on a public forum and state opinions as facts or facts as opinions…. What do you think ppl are going to say? the good, bad and the ugly seems appropriate, don’t you?

          1. It’s really splitting hairs, but the difference is I don’t expect society to partake in the lifestyle I live in order to be acceptable. There are lots of people who are not gay who insist that gays stop sharing life with the one they love in order to meet their standards.

            I write a blog to call out the fact guys like Ricky and I live a nice life that doesn’t harm anyone, and in fact I think we contribute to society.

            There are a number of people who insist that Ricky and I do not share life together, and until we change that, they will rail against guys like us.

            That is wrong.

        2. Well, I would never do that to you. I may not like the lifestyle you’ve chosen but I have no right to pass judgement on you for it. It’s a hard road you’ve chosen socially. What you choose to do is your own business. What disturbs me is the in your face gay movement that attacks the moral structure of our country by exhibiting their vulgarity in public, and attempting to corrupt our youth by pushing an agenda to join them when it really should be nothing more than a private an personal choice. Our kids have enough on their plates these days without the gay movement confusing them on their gender roles or sexual choices. I also am BIGOTED against the intolerance the gay community shows towards any one that has a differing opinion than what they want. I.E. Phil Robertson. I also resent the attempt by the gay movement to pass legislation that essentially makes it a crime to have an opinion and exercise that opinion when it comes to their own business. I.E. Housing laws, Choice of whom you will do business with.

        1. absolute truth-Whatever is true at one time and at one place is true at all time’s and at all places. What is true for one person is true for all person’s. Truth is true whether we believe it or not. Truth is discovered or it is revealed, it is not invented by a culture or by religious men.

        2. The problem is that you use the word in a negative connotation in order to demonize those who disagree with your beliefs. I’m utterly intolerant of nazism, communism, racism, poor hygiene, crime, anti-marijuana legalization efforts, texting while driving, drunken driving, vulgar gay pride parades, bad breath, etcc.. So I guess you can classify me as a bigot and I’m proud of it!

  2. Unless one’s “lifestyle” is destructive to one self or to others, what’s the problem?

    If one chooses to live as a hermit and write poetry, what’s the problem ?
    If one chooses to get married and have three kids, what’s the problem ?

    I may or may not like one’s choice of a life style, but that is not a problem. All that matters is that I have chosen a lifestyle that “fits me”. All that matters is that I see people living a lifestyle that makes them have happy and productive lives. I am happy to see happy and productive people, because that makes society as a whole happy and productive!

  3. Life is a series of choices what we must individually make. Moses made a lifestyle choice to live a life pleasing to God, “Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharoah’s daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt, for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward.” Heb 11:24-26

  4. Grrrrr,,, there is no such thing as a .” Lifestyle” be it gay or straight or married or single or active or couch potato or with kids or without….. Unless, of course, taking into account the fact that I am left- handed, and that for decades teachers and parents tried to get lefties to switch (fortunately not me) am I living a left- handed lifestyle? Or am I just, well, living?

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