Guess who’s coming to dinner

We’ve been talking about stereotypes the past week,  and my partner Ricky most definitely fits the FABULOUS cook stereotype.

Today it occurred to me how fortunate I am, when I was in the breakroom at the office, and everyone was having left-overs for lunch.

There were some healthy looking salads here and there, and alot of goppy macaroni hotdishes held together with some variety of Campbell’s soup.

My tupperware bowl contained Venetian Shrimp and Scallops.


When I got home from work the recipe from last night’s dinner was on the kitchen counter and it contained no less than 14 ingredients.

The meals Ricky prepares are adventuresome, creative, HEALTHY, and taste good. In our 12 years together, I can only specifically recall one meal that was awful, and I think I may have a faint memory of another.

Needless to say, if it weren’t for friends and restaurants, I would have starved to death before I met Ricky.

He is absolutely shocked that I cannot cook, nor do I like to.

“It’s just following directions! Can’t you follow directions?”

To which I reply “Have you met me?”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” he says.

Although there are times our kitchen looks like this,and its generally 7 minutes before 16 guests arrive for a fundraiser:

 And more than once I’ve actually seen this: (that’s not a real picture of us, however Ricky DOES own that frypan and uses it for big events)

In all the years I’ve shared with Ricky, I’ve never seen this:


Today’s Gay Agenda: Thanks Ricky. You sustain every part of my being.


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  1. Maybe your partner Ricky can have a cooking class. I try to find interesting and delicious recipes (within a budget) but sometimes they don’t turn out well. Help us who want learn.

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