Share and share alike

“Did you use the purple toothbrush?” asked Ricky from the master bathroom at our home in Boca.

“I don’t know. Probably. Why?” I replied.

“Um, the purple one is mine” said Ricky trying to stifle gagging sounds. The next thing I heard was the door shut and the car start and pull out of the garage.

20 minutes later, Ricky came back with a six-pack of toothbrushes. There was no amount of chlorox or boiling water that would allow him to use a toothbruth that I had used.

I was only moderately offended.

Both being guys in our 50’s people may assume we share pretty much everything.

The only personal items we share without restrictions are black socks and neck ties. Every spring I buy two dozen pair of black sock and throw out all the old ones.

Makes laundry day so much easier.

And I tend to buy neck ties 4 for $20 from street vendors when we’re on vacation. Needless to say, after doing this for over a decade we have quite a stash of ties. Ricky tends to dress more conservatively than I, so he’s much more likely to borrow a tie from my side of the closet than I am to borrow one of his.

We each have our own bank accounts, retirement accounts and generally only consult each other about expenditures over $250 since it’s more than likely something for the home. We split household expenses, but not 50-50. Ricky pays certain bills and I pay certain bills.

90% of the time we dine out, we each throw a debit card on the check.

We have a 12′ vanity in our master bath (of course we do) with a 5’x12′ mirror. We have another full bath around the corner, but we share the master.

Yet we never, ever, ever share it at the same time; other than an occassional momentary overlap of tooth brushing. And after almost 12 years together, we both still respect a closed door is a closed door.

Unless Sniffer is having a breakdown wanting to come in, then the one on the outside cracks the door open and the dog darts in.

The past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on what it means to ‘choose the gay lifestyle’ and why so many people object to it.

This is a snapshot of the day to day life of two people who love each other sharing the same house without driving each other crazy.

Ricky is a strong man. I should have driven him insane years ago.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Maybe it’s the gay socks they object to.  I’m puzzled as to why they think I should  care what they think of our socks life. And even more puzzled as to how small a mind needs to be to be so concerned about what may or may not go on in our master suite.




3 thoughts on “Share and share alike”

  1. Some married straight people follow the same rules as you. My husband and I share an address and love and that is pretty much it. We split bills in a similar manner as you and keep seperate bank accounts. I ask before I drink the Coke I know he bought for himself. He doesn’t drive my car. We have a son together…we split those costs too….I provide necessities, he provides luxuries. It isn’t for everyone but it works for us and IMO eliminates alot of fights especially about money. We have been married 11 years. I appreciate you sharing about your life. I think this is a valuable insight into a relationship that many people disagree with maybe because of ignorance. Please continue with your enlightening.

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