There’s been so many stories in the news these past weeks of the horrific pain and damage caused by bullies. The only ones who don’t agree there’s a problem seem to be the parents of the bullies, who were probably bullies themselves anyway.

My favorite wisecrack at age 47 is that I should have listened to those junior-high boys who called me ‘fag’ over and over again.  I didn’t figure out I was a fag until I was about 30, and here they knew it all along! Think of all the time I could have saved!

All the angst and misery for so many that could have been avoided . . .

I was fortunate enough to have an “Oh Yeah? Well, watch THIS!” attitude that came along at about age 27. Thank God it kicked in at 27, because I most certainly needed it when I turned 30-something and realized the gay-thing wasn’t going to go away. It never goes away.

But the bullies do go away

They sink into their substance abuse and miserable marriages. They go to their high-school athletic events and try to relive their glory days. They are forever frozen as 16 year old boys in a 47 year old, worn-out body.

But the ‘fags’ gain strength and character from all the crap we endure. And we grow. And we succeed. And we buy a super-cool cars cars that cost more than the double-wides they live in.  And we put rainbow flags in the back windows of our super-cool cars just to annoy them, and to let all the gaybees know life will be just fine, eventually.

And then we meet a guy named Ricky. And we build a dream life. And the life we live turns out to be everything we ever dreamed it could be.

It turns out to be the life we dreamed of when we stood in 7th grade gym class waiting to be the last guy chosen for dodge ball. Again.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Never forget, success IS the best revenge. Well, success and world domination.

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  1. Amen! Success is the best revenge. How can you make the “picked upon” kids understand? K-12 is not life. You will graduate. You will move on. Did you see the PSA those guys from Modern Family cut about bullying? Love it! I’ll try to forward to you.

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