Couldn’t have said it better

A dear friend and wonderful person, Maren Ortmeier had this letter published in Monday’s edition of the Forum.  Well said, my friend. Thank you.

On Sept. 26 there were two very meaningful walks for life in Fargo, one against abortion and one for suicide awareness (in which I participated). We were told that our GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) youth are five times more likely to commit suicide. Sadly, bullying and shame are commonplace for our GLBT youth.

My family attends a Minnesota Catholic parish, so we received and watched the DVD “Preserving Marriage in Minnesota” this week. My disappointment with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is the persistent lack of dignity given to our Catholics who by biologic fortune happen to be gay.

To insist that the morality of homosexuals must include a life without a deep and meaningful relationship is very detrimental to the well-being of these individuals. Intimate relationships aren’t just sexual acts; they give us a deep sense of purpose and belonging, an opportunity to love and be loved. No human should be shamed into remaining an island.

People commit suicide when they suffer great shame or feel they don’t belong. As a Catholic, I feel like an innocent bystander in a very large-scale bullying game. I honestly can’t recall a saint or social justice issue in Catholic history or the Gospels that is celebrated for bringing shame and exclusion on a group of people.

When Catholics disagree with the hierarchy, we usually remain silent or leave. It is so much easier to shake our heads in frustration and walk away. The grassroots movement “Catholics for Equality” formed just this year out of a desperate need for our clergy to hear our cries in regards to this issue.

Change will never happen if we don’t take the risk and speak up for love and inclusion, including our unborn children and GLBT youth. It is time to talk honestly and openly and to protect and give dignity to all life.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Make sure Maren knows how much the friendship of she and her family means to us.

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