I heard the news today, oh boy!

Today when I arrived home from work, Ricky said:

“Well, did you hear the news?”

“What news?”

“A federal judge ruled to stop enforcing DADT.”

“Get OUT!!!”

“Weren’t you keeping up with the news?”

“I was really super busy today.”

So, I logged onto The Forum website where the AP had posted:

A federal judge ordered the military Tuesday to immediately stop enforcing its ban on openly gay troops, bringing the 17-year “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy closer than it has ever been to being abolished.

The judge said the policy violates due process rights, freedom of speech and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Now, we must remember ‘stop being enforced’ is not the same as being repealed, and there’s lots of nasty people who believe that rights should protect them but not me, who want DADT to remain in place.

But it’s a start, a really big start.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Keep doing what I’m doing. Maybe if enough of us keep pointing out the absurdity of one set of laws for straight people, and another set of laws for gay people, we just might make a difference.

I’m sure the judge was subscribing to ‘the gay agenda’.

6 thoughts on “I heard the news today, oh boy!”

  1. I agree – a terrific first step… now it’s time to finally, FINALLY, repeal this POS law. The law is NOT for the “protection of gays in the military” – it’s all about allowing heterosexual people to remain blissfully ignorant, and keep their apple carts from being upset. But, you know what, sometimes that applecart needs to be dumped.

  2. What a wonderful day. Good for our gay and lesbian patriotic citizens who are willing to serve and good for us who will have a better military because of it.

    1. Meaning….. What’s more important? The fact that we are fighting a war, getting shoot at and blown up. Or getting offended and pissed off because the person that is providing cover to the medivac team just happens to be gay. What difference does it make if there are LGBT’s in the military, everyone in the military joined for the same reason. TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY!

      1. The US military is the only job in the United States which requires their employees to literally lay down their lives for civilians. And civilians have said, “That’s nice, but I don’t want a gay person to die trying to protect me. Thank You.”

        1. Well I am very much a straight male. I don’t give a hoot who or what you are, just go do your thing. I really feel sorry for those that can’t the LGBT’s. I have many friends that are gay and lesbian. I had 2 roommates who were both VERY gay, and VERY open about it. But I never felt any different living with them as opposed to without them.
          I dunno, maybe my parents just instilled better values in me.
          It’s really too bad that things are like this.

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