Arizona bypass

This week I wrote letters to virtually every Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Home Builder’s Association in the state of Arizona.

I explained to them that even in spite of the Governor’s veto of SB 1062, they could rest assured Ricky and I would never set foot in the state of Arizona. Nor would we invest any retirement resources in a state that clearly would prefer we live somewhere else.

SB 1062 was a bill passed by both chambers that would protect those who because of their strongly held religious beliefs choose to deny goods and services to gay people.

I actually don’t disagree with this type of legislation, because I would like to know where NOT to spend my money.

The deal with Arizona is that there are no laws prohibiting discrimination against gay people.

It is perfectly legal for a bakery owner can stand in his doorway and say “I think you might be a homo, and I don’t like homos. I won’t sell you a cake.”

(If he were to say “I hate black homos” that would be against the law)

Rumor has it the tipping point in the Governor’s veto was the NFL hinting they may reconsider where to hold next year’s Super Bowl.

In my letter to the NFL, I encouraged them to reconsider their choice of states to host the Super Bowl, and perhaps select one that does not aggressively seek out opportunities to discriminate against her citizens.

It’s been my observation that morality often comes down to dollars and cents. Minnesota’s reconsideration of their ban on Sunday liquor sales is a current example.

Couples like Ricky and I will not be spending $200,000 on condos in Arizona, nor will we be spending 20-30 grand each winter we go south to escape this brutal cold.

We are in our mid 50’s. Do the math.

Today’s Gay Agenda: As all this was playing out, Ricky was making his way across the state of Arizona on his way back here, trying to avoid spending one more dollar or moment in a state that apparently can do just fine without us.


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  1. Hello, we are from Arizona. State legislatures are crazy as evidenced in North Dakota as well as Arizona. I knew for sure that Jan Brewer (Who I don’t support and dislike) would not sign it due to what happened with MLK day was up for approval. Finally they recognized it after the Super Bowl was moved. To Jan’s credit, she went against the legislature and accepted medicaid for the residents of Arizona. She is not completely stupid. Living in high country, I find gays are more accepted here and it a very open community. Our neighbors are gay. They were the first to put out Obama signs in 2012 and we too followed. ND is on a track with women’s rights and abortion to cost a lot of money in their fight to limit abortion. Hate is everywhere but so is love. Come on down. (I lived in ND for 40 years)

    1. Hi Geni, thanks for the comment. i was all over the place with this post trying to cram too many topics in under 500 words. I think the people of AZ are probably as nice as everywhere else, it’s just their political system has been taken over by ultra conservatives, much like ND.

  2. Has it ever occurred to, Ricky, and whoever you might be that as you choose to live the way that you want to, that there may be others that would like to be afforded the same right. You’ve made a decision not to spend money in AZ; fine. There are now a number of states that have legislated in favor of gay marriage, “do the math”, and move there. Incidentally, you’ll not do yourself, or your cause by the, “I hate homes”, gay baiting. There is enough resentment out there already by having your agenda imposed on the general public by hack liberal politicians, (who, you’ll realize at some point), are using you and your sexual propensities, to achieve their agenda. And besides, the Govenor of AZ vetoed the bill; what is your problem anyway?

    1. Thanks Eugene. I edited out ‘hate’. I think there might be a blog post in that statement. 🙂

      I tend to forget that using an extreme word for shock value can stop the process of the reader’s contemplation of the topic.

      Never considered that politicians may be using gays to achieve a goal. Very, very interesting thought and probably accurate.

  3. Visited around ten garage sales in Phoenix Sat. and had a wonderful time. These are some of the greatest, friendliest people I’ve ever met, including the tow obviously gay ladies we met at their sale. Everyone gets along great here, I don’t know what the rest of the country is talking about? I’ve lived in the Bay area and Az. people are much nicer,and the weathers nicer too.

    1. Stu, I suspect the residents of AZ are alot like the residents of ND–good, decent, sensible, self-sufficient types. My guess is the Republican Party got taken over by types also similar to ND. As I said last election season, if the Republicans could come up with a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate, they would sweep the elections. Regrettably, fiscally conservative politicians now all to often are socially regressive and controlling. IMO, of course.

  4. What a fool if you don’t think you have become a prop and tool of liberals. Just like African American families, and people living in poverty. Typical of this blog, you spew more hate and vitriol than your “opponents” do.

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