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  • Look out Warren Buffet, here I come.

    2011 - 03.27

    Every zillionaire made his money with an okay idea and phenomenal timing. I  think I’ve found my ticket to financial heaven:


    Modern medical advances have made it possible for the livers of severely alcoholic homosexuals to last well into old age. We all quit smoking years ago when it became passe, so the (sad?) reality is we’re going to need long-term care in our old age.

    Here’s what I have in mind for the boys who have managed to not spend every penny they have on botox and Baccardi:

    A crisp, contemporary environment with soft pinkish flattering indirect lights.

    A staff that goes through an interview process not unlike a Miss America pageant: talent competition, interview, swimsuit competition (voted on by the residents, of course).

    Cardiovascular Aerobic exercises that involves circling the wheelchairs around the employee workout gym and simply watching until appropriate heart rate is achieved.

    A dining room with an adjoining classy martini bar and a trashy dance club with music that has a thumping, heart regulating beat.

    Transportation services that involve a fleet of Mercedes SL 500’s with a cherry-picker type apparatus incorporated into the retractable hard top that will pluck us out of our wheel chairs and plop us into the drivers seat.

    And finally, a funeral plan that will include a Mardi-Gras like bash at the end of every memorial service, no additional charge.

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Start lining up investors.

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    2 Responses to “Look out Warren Buffet, here I come.”

    1. queenofgreen says:

      People dont care about your sexual preference, and it will always be about morals!

    2. Misty Johnson says:

      Brilliant Idea! You really shouldn’t have shared it so publicly as I think you are going to get ripped off. Now, remember those famous words….Location, Location, Location! Start in a really BIG city and then branch out. You may have to start a ways away from home and work your way back to your home town from what I have heard of it. And can I suggest a ‘coifs and camo (especially for lips and eyes)’ shop who can also do the ‘finals’ for the best results at Mardi Gras? You’re On to something here Mac!!! Wish I had some loose cash to back you up.