The time of my life

This week there was a news blurb about a formerly local pro-life activist and how he was furthering his education to include a law degree in hopes of doing more to advance the causes in which he believes.

On the surface, this seems very admirable. Spending a lifetime fighting to give unborn children an opportunity to be born. I’ve just got to wonder if he spends much time thinking about what happens to these kids after they’re born.

What do you suppose he and his group of friends would say if they found out Ricky and I were trying to adopt an unwanted child?

Granted, we’re a little old, (okay, alot old) but we also have a pretty stable life and great health insurance. And alot of love to give a child.

If Ricky and I were to meet him and his group of protesters outside the local clinic and offer to take responsibility for the child who would potentially be saved by their actions that day, what do you suppose they would say? If right there, on the spot they had to choose between an unfortunate woman ending her pregnancy, or that pregnancy continuing on to deliver a child that would be raised by a couple old fags?

Can you imagine, looking one of them in the eye and presenting them with some legal document, handing them a pen and asking them to sign a paper that would forever enforce their choice? No hemming and hawing, no prayerful consideration: right there, on the spot–terminate the pregnancy or let the child be raised by us?

Which do you suppose they would choose? To allow this child to be born and grow up in the home of two men they consider an abomination to God? Two men perfectly capable of providing a white picket fence, middle class upbringing for this child.  Or to let the mother continue on with her appointment and let the child immediately enter the Kingdom of God?

Don’t really have the answer to this one. Maybe one nice day next summer, Ricky and I will have a couple martinis at the Ho-Do and wander across the street and visit with the people holding their signs.

I bet there will be one hell-of-a TGA post following THAT conversation.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Say a prayer of thanks for the woman from Kansas who in 1956 demonstrated the courage to continue her pregnancy and give birth to the baby boy who grew up to become my partner Ricky. Say another prayer of thanks for the wonderful couple that gave him a picture-perfect upbringing; and who both lived to see him share his life with a man who loves him more than words can say.

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