Tolerance is what tolerance does . . . .

Not a single election result has come through as I write this, but it’s pretty clear things are going to shift a bit more to the right very soon. Some might say more toward the center (I probably would not be one of them).

It’s these times when guys like me must really reflect on what tolerance truly means. For ultra liberals like me, sticking up for the underdog all the time; tolerance means we must make a sincere effort to appreciate and try to understand all people . . . even though we may not quite understand why they do the things they do or why they are the way they are. And if we cannot do either, we should just shrug our shoulders and go on with our own lives.

And that’s where the reflection on tolerance comes is. If I expect you to tolerate me, I must also tolerate you. We may or may not agree, but your opinion is as real to you as mine is to me. Reality is probably somewhere in the middle anyway.

So, starting on Wednesday I’m going to remind myself that people are people are people, and that for the most part, people are good. We all basically want the same thing: to live a life of purpose and meaning; to utilize our talents and give to the world around us; and to share that life with someone we love.

It’s my hope we can all learn to tolerate the ‘share life with someone we love’ part.

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