A very sad day

Recently I posted a blog regarding bullying and the way guys like me made our way through it.  I did it in the usual Gay Agenda way— mixing somewhat difficult personal reality with defiant wise-cracks, some sarcasm and then wrapping it up in a neat little package with a hopefully make-you-think tag line at the end.

Cannot do that with the news that we all read today. 35 years ago, kids could escape the bullying when they stepped of the bus at home and walked in the door and had some after school lunch with mom.

Those days don’t really exist any more.

In the ways that some of us gripe that we’re connected to our jobs 24-7, kids are connected to the world and thus their tormentors 24-7 as well. Truth be told, they’re probably better connected since they understand social media and electronic communication better than the rest of us.

Bullying doesn’t make kids ‘stronger’ or ‘build character’ or any of the other crap we come up with to not deal with it. Bullying causes lifelong psychological harm that manifests itself in innumerable ways: sometimes in over-achieving, sarcastic, narcissistic, look-at-me,  middle aged bloggers–still trying to get the world to think we’re okay.

Sometimes not.

One thought on “A very sad day”

  1. That story broke my heart. We’re all just sick about it. There are no words. But you managed to find some appropriate ones. Well said. Now how can we stop bullying? Tragic.

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