Mmmm, mmmm, good

Seems I spend a fair amount of time talking about food on TGA. The irony is, I like a good meal, but I mostly eat because if I don’t eat I get kind of light headed and ditzy. Even worse than usual.

For the most part, I eat so I don’t die.

My culinary skills were formed (or not) by a mom who didn’t find much inspiration in cooking. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a GREAT cook and fed us 3 squares a day in the rural Minnesota tradition: Meat & Potatoes, and hotdish. Lots of hotdish.

To this day, if forced to make a meal, a trip to Sunny’s (Sunmart) or Horny’s (Hornbachers) is required to pick up a can of cream of mushroom soup. Virtually every dish I know how to make consists of a base of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Don’t believe me? Here’s my culinary repertoire:

Tunafish hotdish: Fun to say as a kid, fun to say as an adult. Say it with kind of a snappy rhythm: tuna-fish-HOT-dish. Since I’ve moved to the big city, I’ve been exposed to big city culture and now add a glob of velveeta at the very end.  Mmmmmm, velveeta.

Beef Stroganoff: Tunafish-hotdish sans tuna and peas; add hamburger, a glob of sour cream and a stroganoff sauce mix.  Mmmmmmm, sour cream.

Tater-tot hotdish: tater tots, bag of frozen mixed veggies and 2 cans of mushroom soup. Mmmmmm, tots.

Wild Rice hotdish: It kind of uppity, but super-good: Wild Rice, some celery, some onion, some mushroom soup.  Mmmmmm, expensive wild rice.

Pork chops, mashed potatoes and GRAVY. The best gravy on EARTH is made with pork chop grease and mushroom soup. Mmmm, gravy.

There you have it, my 5 day dinner rotation. Breakfast is coffee and a bananna, lunch is on the run somewhere, and weekends are spent with friends who feed me.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Tell Ricky how glad I am that I met him before every artery in my body clogged with cream of mushroom soup.

9 thoughts on “Mmmm, mmmm, good”

  1. It’s incredibly hard to break out of “hotdish” mode. I credit a cooking class in HS called “Food for Flair” for expanding beyond pasta, cream of ‘shroom soup and browned hamburger.

    I still make a dish now and then that has cream of ‘shroom in it, but I rarely get the soup from a can. I have a recipe for a darn good from scratch version that is lower in sodium but I haven’t figured out how to substitute the butter you saute the fresh ‘shrooms in. Not much salvation from the artery cloggin’ 🙂

      1. It just doesn’t taste the same. I use EVO all the time for many things but I still prefer real butter for this one. For a real treat, when wild morel mushrooms are in season, use those. Off the charts fantastic, and way too yummy to use as a hotdish base.

  2. The latest publication that they give out at the Grain Bin in Alexandria has an article that says that the Aitkins diet with all of the fat is good for the heart.

    1. That makes me think of my Dad. Ma used to complain that he lived on fried food all his life, and his cholesterol was just fine, and hers was always high.
      He just loved his pan-fried ‘everything’. When we had steak, rather than gravy, he had her put a dish of the drippings on the table so he could dip toast in it. With lots of pepper, of course.

  3. LMAO…we musta been raised by the same mother.
    Well, except for the Velveeta. I just can’t tolerate ‘rubber cheese’. 😉
    I gotta admit, Pork chops, mashed potatoes and GRAVY is STILL my ultimate ‘comfort food’. Well, that and mashed potatoes W/ hamburger gravy.
    I always make those for myself when I’m feeling underappreciated.

  4. I love high end cuisine. Fancy restaurants and what not. I really do. But I gotta tell you…on a cold winter night it doesn’t get much better than eating a little Tator Tot Hotdish while wearing my fuzzy socks! Love how you said adding Velveeta makes it big city. You’re a hoot!

    1. There’s something to the fact that we never really get too far from where we came from. Sometimes it takes tater-tot hotdish to make everything better.

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