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    2010 - 11.14

    Today’s Forum carried an article  entitled “Cultures Unite at Pangea” and went on to describe an event yesterday where cultural diversity in our community was on display and celebrated.

    Well, I thought, get ready for a barrage of illegal immigrant, muslim/hindu/buddhist bash-fest from the usual commentators . . . .

    • Isn’t it curious that individuals who insist laws regarding the receiving of health benefits apply to illegal immigrants; but not to same gender American couples.
    • The same individuals who insist laws surrounding fair hiring practices apply to illegal immigrants, but not to gay Americans.
    • The same individuals who insist all laws regarding income tax apply to illegal immigrants; but not to same gender American couples.
    • The same individuals who insist laws regarding social security benefits apply to illegal immigrants; but not to same gender couples.
    • The same individuals who insist government get out of our lives have absolutely no problem with the government determining who is allowed to live in the United States and who millions of individuals are allowed to share their lives with.

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Keep pointing this stuff out until something changes.

    coming up Thursday–how Brad met Ricky

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    4 Responses to “It’s a Pangea out there”

    1. Profile photo of Sundown says:

      You must run with a different crowd Mac. I don’t know anyone who says people here illegally should get social security, health benefits, or should be covered by fair hiring practices. The sentiment around here is if you aren’t here legally you should be going back to where you came from.

      • Profile photo of Mac Mac says:

        You’re correct, Sundown. I did write this in too broad of terms and linked broad topics together for clarity, but obviously could have done better. For example, in describing fair hiring practices I meant hiring illegals is against fair hiring practice laws, yet in ND firing someone for being gay is not. Regarding health care I lumped the people who are very vocal about no government paid healthcare for illegals seem to have no problem with states that do not mind that employer sponsored health coverage often does not apply to same gender couples. And with taxes, in my opinion the people who are loudest about income tax laws applying to illegals are the same people who will not let the existing tax laws apply to two same gender adults sharing a household.

        I would have to say that if someone made the effort to leave their home country and get to the U.S., they should have the determination to apply for United States citizenship or return when their visa expires.

        My apologies for being unclear. Thank you for the feedback. It may be hard to believe, but I appreciate the exchange of ideas.

    2. Profile photo of barry says:

      That one puppy on the home page looks like he’s been where the sun don’t shine.

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